Whereas, the Strategic Directions and Initiatives Committee has issued a report that recommends a series of profound changes in the structure, operation, and financial governance of the University, but which makes available little factual information in justification of many of its recommendations; and

Whereas, the SDI Report includes a number of proposals intended to encourage the development of new revenue, but does not attempt to set forth a more fully developed vision of the future University and leaves unanswered many important questions about the implementation of the recommendations; and

Whereas, the sole long-range objectives identified in the report are "to increase markedly the academic quality of the student body" as measured by entering test scores and "to increase dramatically research and scholarly productivity," and notably absent from those objectives is any expressed goal for improvement in the teaching and service of the University, which are critical components of a "comprehensive" or "flagship" university; and

Whereas, it is the overriding concern of the Faculty Senate that financial considerations must not create a long-range planning environment in which the value of academic programs and of scholarly and research activities is measured predominantly in terms of the revenue that programs and activities bring to the University; and

Whereas, the Faculty Senate is concerned that long-range plans must identify the core values to be honored and protected as the University continues to mature and must include express assurances of adequate support for the maintenance and strengthening of all programs that are fundamental to the comprehensive academic mission of the University, regardless of whether those programs are financially self-sufficient; and

Whereas, the Faculty Senate believes it is critical to the long-range mission of the University of South Carolina that the University offer to its students a comprehensive academic program with strength in a wide range of disciplines of the arts, humanities, and social and natural sciences at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional school level; and

Whereas, as a comprehensive university, USC must be fully committed to the support of a broad range of faculty research and scholarly activities, which must be valued for their contribution to the discovery, creation, and dissemination of knowledge, and not simply for the revenue that they may provide to the institution; and

Whereas, in addition to the recommendations proposed by the SDI Report, there exists a need for a detailed plan for adequately assuring that sufficient resources will also be allocated to the maintenance and improvement of the broader range of academic programs; and

Whereas many of the changes proposed by the SDI Report are of such a fundamental nature in regards to the structure and budgeting of the University that it would be imprudent to proceed with full implementation of those proposals without first identifying clearly and expressly the values and qualities of the University that are to be honored and protected in the reallocation of resources; and

Whereas, it is important that the next President of the University have the same freedom accorded to President Palms upon his arrival ten years ago to participate in and lead the process of defining the vision of the University;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate urge the President and the Board of Trustees to accept the Report of the Strategic Directions and Initiatives Committee as a thoughtful introduction to the problems, challenges, and opportunities which the University faces, forming the basis for an in-depth dialogue of the University community led by its new President prior to the adoption by the President and Trustees of sweeping changes,

AND BE IT RESOLVED that the Chair and Secretary of the Faculty Senate are instructed to present this resolution to Dr. Palms and the Board of Trustees for their consideration.


Greg Adams - Law
Shahrough Akhavi - Government and International Studies
Charles Alber - Germanic, Slavic, and East Asian
James R. Augustine - School of Medicine
Nancy K. Brown - Social Work
Mary Bange - Darla Moore School of Business
John Brunswick - Thomas Cooper Library
Lewis Burke - Law
Brette Barclay Barron - University Libraries
David Berube - Theatre, Speech and Dance
Richard Clodfelter - Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management
Richard Conant - Music
Adrienne T. Cooper - Civil and Environmental Engineering
Alma Creigthton - Thomas Cooper Library
Craig W. Davis - School of Medicine
Wanzer Drane - Public Health
Peter Graham - Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management
Karen Gray - Social Work
Freeman G. Henry - French and Classics
Leon Jackson - English
Robert A. Jacoby - Law
Judith Giblin James - English
Jeanette Jerrell - School of Medicine
Jim Knapp - Geological Sciences
Jessica Kross - History
Nancy Lane - French and Classics
Gary Luoma - Darla Moore School of Business
Charles R. Mack - Art History
Nawin Mishra - Biological Sciences
Lisle S. Mitchell - Geological Sciences
Bob Molyneux - Library and Information Science
Bob Nerbun - Physics/Sumter
Jan Opsomer - Philosophy
Ruth Riley - School of Medicine/Library
Phillip Rollinson - English
Jerel Rosati - Government and International Studies
Robert Skinder - Thomas Cooper Library
Ken Watkins - Public Health
Eldon D. Wedlock, Jr. - Law
Ran Wei - Journalism and Mass Communications
John Weidner - Chemical Engineering
Ernest L. Wiggins - Journalism and Mass Communications
Clyde Wilson - History
S. Robert Young - Obstetrics and Gynecology


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