Faculty Advisory Committee

To: Faculty Senate
From: Caroline Strobel, Chair Faculty Advisory Committee
Subject: 1996-1997 Annual Committee Report
Date: July 29, 1997

The Faculty Advisory Committee met monthly throughout the 1996-1997 year. The following business was discussed:

  1. A number of changes to the Administrative Manual were reviewed and concurred to by the Committee. Several matters were referred to the Welfare Committee for further consideration and action by that Committee.
  2. The committee structure for the Faculty Senate was reviewed at the request of Henry Price, Chair. Several changes were suggested by the Committee and approved by the Faculty Senate. These changes principally involved the removal of committee members who were not participating in committee activities.
  3. The report of the President's Committee on Tenure and Promotion was reviewed and future action with regard to that report will be taken.
  4. The Committee spent considerable time hearing reports and discussing the need for changes in the Faculty Manual to enumerate various disciplinary action that could be taken short of revocation of tenure where warranted. This matter is still under discussion and may be brought to the full Senate for discussion at a later date.

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