University Athletics Advisory Committee

Annual Report, Academic Year 1996-97
Submitted by Frederic J. Medway, Chair

The University Athletics Advisory Committee (AAC) met monthly during the 1996-97 year from September through May. At the September meeting the Chair outlined the duties of the committee as stated in the bylaws of the AAC. The major duties of the committee are to ensure that student athletes are challenged academically and that each student athlete has a positive collegiate experience. To this end the committee routinely monitors athletes' and teams' grades, and the academic support system. A second major duty of the AAC is to encourage faculty, students, and coaches to work closely together toward the common goal of educating and graduating a high percentage of student athletes. Third, the AAC works with coaches, faculty, and the athletic department to produce graduates who will become successful citizens in their individual communities.

The AAC toured the new football facilities (West side boxes and the "zone") and the Academic Enrichment Center. There were discussions of student discipline issues, plans for the new basketball arena, dorm rules, and new policies regarding student athletes and work.

Dr. McGee attended almost all the meetings and scheduled coaches from several sports and new coaches as requested. Among those who reported to the committee were Brad Scott (Football), Eddie Fogler (Men's Basketball), Kim Hudson (Women's Basketball), Ray Tanner (Baseball), and Curtis Frye (Men's and Women's track). Harold White made regular reports on the status of academic support programs. Dr. John Palms, USC President, attended one of the meetings to support the committee's work.

Dr. Susan VanHuss, NCAA/SEC representative was present at all meetings except one. She reported several times on upcoming legislative issues and proposals, and sought committee input.

The Registrar, Richard Bayer, and Barbara Blaney furnished academic information on all athletes for the summer 1996 session, fall 1996 session, and spring 1997 session. Bayer attended meetings regularly.

The AAC participated for the second time as co-sponsor of the Scholar Athlete Reception in which student athletes name professors who made impact on their academic success. These professors are named "Gamecock Faculty All Stars" and honored at a reception. The AAC chair also wrote commendation letters to the faculty and their Deans.

One highlight of the year was the presentation by Kris Kordonowy of the community service projects and activities of student athletes.

The Chair of the committee attended meetings of the Board of Trustees Intercollegiate Activities Committee, meetings of the Faculty Senate Steering Committee, several USC athletic events and banquets, aided in recruitment for football and soccer, and participated in the "Guest Coach" program.

The committee re-elected Dr. Fred Medway as Chair of the AAC for 1997-98 due to the unavailability of one third-term faculty and a sabbatical of another third-term faculty whom Dr. Medway agreed to replace.

Committee membership includes:
six faculty representatives
two undergraduate student representatives
a graduate student representative
a student athlete
NCAA Compliance Officer
Vice President for Student Affairs
Athletics Director
NCAA/SEC faculty Representative
member of the Intercollegiate Activities Committee of the Board of Trustees

The following nonmembers usually attended:
Director of Academic Support Programs in the Athletic Department
Assoc. Athletic Director/Sr. Women's Admin.
Representative of Office of Media Relations
University Registrar or Representative

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