Faculty Senate Bookstore Committee

Annual Report, 1996-97

Committee Membership, 1996-97 :

Roger Amidon, Health Administration
Lynn Zoch, Journalism & Mass Communications
Steve Borgatti, Sociology (left during the year)
Christine Haff, Dept of Retailing (left before Fall semester began)
Cassandra Gissendanner, Thomas Cooper Library
L. Clifton Fuhrman, College of Pharmacy (appointed 3/14/97)
Bonnie Drewniany, Journalism & Mass Comm (appointed 3/14/97)
Keen Butterworth, English, Chair

Since we received no complaints from faculty or students during the Spring, Summer, or Fall of 1996, the committee did not meet during the fall. The Chair, however, met with Bruce Darner to make arrangements for a telephone hot-line that would allow faculty to call the bookstore to determine information about texts: ISBNs, current edition numbers, authors' full names, exact titles, costs, publishers' U. S. and E-mail addresses, and so forth. After a basic agreement had been reached with Mr. Darner, the committee met on 15 January to discuss how information about the hot-line would be disseminated to the faculty. The committee decided that a memorandum directed to all Deans and Department Chairs would serve the purpose. The chair drafted the suggested letter, which was approved by the committee by mail.

During January and early February the committee received several complaints about the University Bookstore's handling of book orders for the Spring semester. The chair decided to call another meeting of the committee to address these problems. Before the meeting could be called, however, we learned that Follett had lost its contract and Wallace would take over the University Bookstore in March. Thus a committee meeting to address problems caused during Follett's tenure seemed senseless. Also, the memorandum about the hot-line was not sent.

In April the Committee Chair met with the new manager of the bookstore to discuss the possibility of establishing a hot-line. The manager agreed that such a hot-line would be useful and agreed to meet with the Chair to discuss how it would be established; however, because of problems caused by flooding of the bookstore several weeks later, the Chair and the Manager decide to postpone their meeting until early September.

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