Committee Members:

Harriett Williams, Provisional Year, Chairman; Walter Hanclosky, Media Arts; Jerome Jewler, Journalism and Mass Communications; Alan Fried, Journalism and Mass Communications; JoAnne Herman, Nursing; Gail Wagner, Anthropology; Ed Dickey, Education; Michael Dickson, Pharmacy; Chaden Djalali, Physics and Astronomy; Ward Briggs, Office of the Provost, ex officio; Maria Girardi, Mathematics; Marco Valtorta, Computer Science; William Bearden, Business Administration;Steven Whisnant, Physics and Astronomy; Doug Meade, Mathematics; Don Stowe, Applied Professional Sciences

Report to the Provost on Teaching Evaluation

A subcommittee composed of Marco Valtorta, Harriett Williams, Gail Wagner, and Steve Whisnant sent forward a report to the Provost in September of 1996 outlining the findings of a two-year study of the existing methods and instruments of teaching evaluation used on the Columbia campus. The findings of this group were presented in the September Faculty Teaching Breakfast and in the 1995-96 Committee Report to the Faculty Senate. In January of 1997, Deans received a directive suggesting that the recommendations of this group be incorporated in departmental processes of teaching evaluation.

Classroom Enhancement

Ed Dickey served as a representative from this committee in working with the Department of Distance Education and Instructional Support to get faculty feedback about the classroom enhancement project that is now underway in the College of Education.

Faculty Teaching Breakfasts

These sessions were well attended this year, drawing a total of 306 faculty members from USC Columbia and other campuses. Alan Fried and Harriett Williams, co-chairs of this subcommittee, requested funds from the Provost to broadcast some of the sessions since faculty members have come from as far away as the Beaufort campus for these 7:30 AM meetings. Consequently, our March session was on closed circuit television. The tape of that session is also available for faculty members who are interested. Topics and speakers were as follows:

Teaching Development Grants

Ward Briggs, chairman, Marco Valtorta, Bill Bearden, Chaden Djalali, Doug Meade, and JoAnne Herman served on this subcommittee which awarded faculty teaching development grants in both fall and spring semester, totaling $24,981.

Recipients of fall grants were as follows: Judith Bishop, Public Health; Greg Carbone, Geography; Arthur Cohen, Geological Sciences; Kwame Dawes and Carol Kay, English; Talmage Fauntleroy, Music; Leon Ginsberg, Social Work; Karlene Kosanovich, Chemical Engineering; Shirley Kuiper, Business Administration; Jay Latham, Journalism; Christine Mortiz, French and Classics; William Ruefle, Criminal Justice; Kent Sidel, Journalism; Carol Williams and Gwen Felton, Nursing.

Recipients of spring grants were as follows:
Annette Appell, Law; Robert Feller, Marine Science; James Hightower, School of Medicine; Van Kornegay, Journalism; Jed Lyons, Engineering; Robert Matyska, Retailing; Douglas Meade, Mathematics; Michael Petrou, Engineering; Cathy Pike, Social Work; Scott Price, Music; Virginia Scotchie, Art; Patrick Scott, Thomas Cooper; Jon Wardrip, Journalism; Kathleen M. Whitcomb, Business Administration.

Mungo Teaching Awards

Maria Girardi, Don Stowe, JoAnne Herman, Walt Hanclosky, Ward Briggs, and student members, Nicholas Miller and Sanjeev Shah served on the subcommittee who chose the Mungo Teaching Award recipients. The committee received 20 outstanding nominations, from which these faculty members were chosen for the awards:
John Adams, Music
Ronald Atkinson, History
Chaden Djalali, Physics
Walter Peters, Mechanical Engineering

Teaching Center Proposal

Walt Hanclosky, Steve Whisnant and Ed Dickey worked to modify the Teaching Center Grant Proposal which had not been funded by FIPSE the previous year. They studied the reactions of external reviewers to determine how best to change the proposal for possible funding.

Carolina Teaching Fellows Program

Maria Girardi presented a proposal to the Provost, the Council of Deans, and the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research for a local project, modeled on the Eli Lilly Foundation Teaching Fellows Program USC participated in during the academic years 1992-95. Because that funding was for three years only, the Faculty Committee on Instructional Development has requested funds from the Provost's office and the Council of Deans that would allow our campus to continue with this project. The proposal cites five objectives: 1) to encourage junior faculty to enhance their teaching skills, especially at the undergraduate level of instruction; 2) to assist junior faculty in building strong records in both teaching and scholarship, particularly through the integration of teaching and research; 3) to initiate a mechanism that will contribute to an institutional environment in which senior faculty view assisting in the development of junior faculty as a professional responsibility; 4) to build a cadre of faculty who will provide leadership with regard to instructional enhancement; and 5) to provide an institutional mechanism for enhancing the status of teaching. Total funding needed for 14 Fellows is $49,000. This proposal has also been presented to the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research in an effort to locate possible sources of outside funding for the program.

Report on Media Hardware Delivery

The committee was asked by Provost Jerome Odom in April to respond to a proposal from the Department of Distance Education and Instructional Support to fund equipment delivery to classrooms which have not been enhanced for technological instruction. This amount would fund the salary of one full-time employee, one part-time employee and transportation costs. The committee recommended that new DEIS funds could support instruction more efficiently if not used for such a short-term fix. The committee supported, instead, the concept of a staff person, who instead of merely delivering equipment, could identify all instructional support services at the Unit level and could more effectively coordinate and communicate information about existing material to faculty. Our report was submitted to the Provost.

This group would like to express gratitude to Rhonda Filiatreault of the Provost's office for her highly professional support. The chairman of this committee for 1997-98 is Ed Dickey.

Respectfully submitted,
Harriett S. Williams, Chairman

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