Patent and Copyright Committee

Annual Report to the Faculty Senate (1996-1997)
August 8, 1997
University of South Carolina
John W. Van Zee, Chair

To the Faculty:

For the academic year 1996-1997, the Patent and Copyright Committee (PCC) had two Chairs. Marsha Baum, Law Library, was Chair from July 1996 through December 1996 and resigned from the Committee for health reasons. I was elected Chair of the Committee in January 1997 to complete her term. Professor James E. McNamee, Department of Physiology, was elected Chair for the 1997-1998 academic year.

During the academic year 1996-1997, the PCC considered and made recommendations to the Provost on 27 patent disclosures submitted by faculty, staff, and students. Additionally, nine software disclosures were sent to the Legal Department to process. Several of these discoveries and inventions have the potential for long range value to the biological, environmental, medical, pharmaceutical, and engineering fields. Time will tell the benefits to the individuals whose work they represent and to the University community as a whole. The Office of Technology Transfer is proceeding with marketing these intellectual properties.

Under the leadership of the new chair, the PCC will continue to discuss its role in terms of policies and procedures. Also, the PCC will discuss the development of a system-wide policy to deal with the processing of patents and copyrights. These discussions should help the Committee deal efficiently and fairly with all types of intellectual properties as the number of patent and copyright applications continue to grow. It is the intention of this Committee both in the short-term and over the long-run to ensure that the interests of the faculty, staff, and students be protected and secure during the process of disclosure.


John W. Van Zee, Chair
Patent and Copyright Committee

Committee Composition for 1996-1997

Elected: Marsha Baum, Law Library (resigned), Eugene Berg, Orthopedic Surgery (resigned), Elizabeth Bilderback, South Caroliniana Library, Chris Kozma, Pharmacy, James McNamee, Physiology, Jane Olsgaard, Thomas Cooper Library, and John Van Zee, Chemical Engineering

Appointed: Ardis Savory, SPAR, William Littlejohn, OTT and Russ Putnam/Sally Young, System Legal Department

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