Annual Report 1996-1997
F. T. Avignone, Chair

The members of the Savannah River Review Committee are:
Alan E. Nairn, Geological Sciences
Harold Ornes, Biology, USC-Aiken
Ardis Savory, SPAR
Roger Sawyer, Science and Mathematics
Robert R. Weyeneth, History
Hussein Zeidan, Chemistry, USC-Salkehatchie

Several times over the course of the year, I tried to have a face-to-face meeting with all the Committee members. I am sorry to say that it did not happen this year; however, I felt that I had to communicate with the Committee and give them an opportunity to review the activities at the Savannah River Site and make comments. Coming toward the end of the year and not being able to find a date, I sent them a memo in July reminding them of the charge of the Committee. In addition, I requested from Kay McCoy of the Sponsored Programs and Research Office a complete list of the titles of all official research activities of the University of South Carolina at the Savannah River Site. I asked the Committee to review these and to give me any comments they might have. As of this date, I have received no remarks or comments from any member of the Committee.

My administrative assistant, Lynn Waters, made a number of attempts during the summer of 1997 to find a suitable date for the Committee to meet. She was not able to set up the meeting because only two of the members could definitely meet on any of the dates suggested.

As Chairman of the Committee, I realize that I probably should have tried to have the Committee meet before the spring session was over. Since we have had no meeting, we have not had an opportunity to choose a new Chair. I will call a meeting early in the fall semester of 1997, and we will choose a new Chair and report it to the Faculty Senate. Until then, I propose to be the Acting Chair. I may have to ask for the assignment of some new members of the committee because one member is on leave until January and another member has a serious illness in the family and is not able to attend any meetings.

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