Scholastic Standards and Petitions

Annual Report 1996-1997

The University Committee on Scholastic Standards and Petitions met ten times between Sept. 4, 1996 and June 5, 1997.

Members of the Committee were:
Terry Davis, Admissions
Ronald Davis, Music
James Day, French and Classics
John Loppicolo, Journalism and Mass Communication
Manton Matthews, Computer Science
Kathy Graham, Physical Education

Thorne Compton, Theatre, Speech and Dance
Chair - Submitted this Report

The Committee had a very busy year. In addition to a major review of May Semester, the Committee dealt with a number of changes in the system of transfer admission, debated changing the grading system to allow the use of minus grades, and many others.

Student Petitions

Two petitions were received from students appealing decisions made at the College level. The Committee returned one to the college committee for further consideration. In the case of the second petition it was decided that the Committee lacked jurisdiction to handle the request.

Other Actions and Proposals

  1. The Committee reviewed, suggested amendments, and recommended to the Senate catalog changes proposed by the Colleges of Criminal Justice, Business Administration, Journalism and Mass Communication, and the Department of Physical Education.

  2. The Committee considered and disapproved with a proposal from the Committee of Assistant and Associate Deans to change the current policy on the posting of nontraditional credit.

  3. The Committee approved changes in the policy regulating transfer admissions.

  4. The Committee considered at length a proposal from the Department of Government and International Studies to add minus grades to the current grading system.

  5. Approved a change in the language of the policy regulating transient student admissions.

May Semester

The Committee was asked by the Faculty Senate to review the May Semester program and to make policy recommendations. The Committee prepared a survey which went to all students, and faculty who had been involved with May Semester courses as well as Department Chairs and Deans whose units offered courses in this format. In addition input was solicited from the Associate Provost, Faculty Senators, Assistant and Associate Deans, the Registrar and others with an interest in the program. After a review of the information generated, there were full discussions of the issues presented and a report prepared for the Faculty Senate

The Committee reported its findings to the Faculty Senate and to the Council of Deans. A copy of its recommendations is enclosed.

Prof. John Lippicollo has been elected Committee Chair for 1997-98.

I would like to express the appreciation of the Committee to the staff of the Faculty Senate, and to Fran Speach and Elizabeth Steedly. All of us owe special gratitude to Associate Provost Donald Greiner, the Assistant and Associate Deans, the Registrar and his fine staff and the network of faculty and staff who are committed to improving the academic standards of our institution.

Table 1. University Committee on Scholastic Standards and Petitions

1996-97 Summary of College Petitions and Standards
College Total Appr. Cond. Dis. Other
Appl Prof Sci 38 27 33 18 0
BADM. 78 18 35 13 0
Cont. Ed 6 6 0 0 0
CRJU. 17 8 5 4 0
ENGR. 78 15 7 54 2
JOUR 13 4 2 3 3
LIB ARTS 370 118 193 57 1
LIBR 4 3 1 0 0
MUSIC 21 8 4 8 1
PHAR 6 0 4 2 0
PUB HEALTH 0 0 0 0 0
SCI MATH 23 5 1 17 0
SOC WORK 0 0 0 0 0
SCHC 0 0 0 0 0

May Semester Report
Review of the Survey

Surveys Mailed     479
Responses          138

Deans/Dept. Chairs
Surveys Mailed      41
Responses           32

Surveys Mailed      85
Responses           27

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