Faculty Senate Steering Committee Report - March 4, 1998

I.  Nominees for Elected Committees:

Academic Responsibility

Carper James (EDUC)

Sarah Gable (MEDC LIBR)


Sandra Kelly (PSYC)

Manton Matthews (CSCI)

University Athletics Advisory

Peter Graham (SPTA)

Saundra Schneider (GINT)

Board of Governors - Faculty House

Carol Flake (EDUC)

Richard Conant (MUSC)

Curricula and Courses G. B. Lane (MUSC)

David Berube (THSP)

Faculty Advisory

Henry Price (JOUR)

Robert Wilcox (LAW)

Faculty Budget

Martin McWilliams (LAW)

Faculty Grievance

Steven Hayes (GINT)

William Bearden (EDUC)

Faculty Welfare

Robert Chubon (MEDC)

Jerald Wallulis (PHIL)

Honorary Degrees

Ken Shin (SOCY)

Marilyn Chassie (NURS)

Instructional Development

Bruce Konkle (JOUR)

Sheryl Russell (NURS)

Michael Welsh (EDUC)


W. E. Sharp (GEOL)

Joan Donohue (BADM)

Patent and Copyright

Ramesh Tripathi (MEDC)

Victor Giurgiuti (ENGR)

Savannah River Review

Maureen Sanderson (HEAL)

Scholastic Standards & Petitions

Gary Reeves (BADM)

Wiebke Strehl (GERM)

Scholastic Standards & Petitions

Gail Whirman-Elia (MEDC)

(Continuing Education)

Tenure Review Board

Wolfgang Elfe (GERM)

Ann Dreher (THSP)

University Disability Affairs

Laurie Ford (PSYC)

II.  Appointments Made by Chair in Consultation with Faculty Senate Steering Committee:


Jeanne Garane (FREN)

Terry Wolfer (SOWK)

Grade Change

Thomas Standord (ENGR)

NOTE: If you plan to nominate from the floor, please be sure to contact the nominee before the Faculty Senate Meeting.

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