From the Athletics Department Proposed Budget 1998-99

University of South Carolina Athletics Department

Summary of Transfers and University Support



The Athletics Department is totally self-supporting, funding all direct and indirect expenses. In addition, the Department provides funds to the University for the General Fund. All athletic revenues, including Gamecock Club donations, are non-appropriated State funds and are deposited with the University.

The Athletics Department provides the University financial support for the following programs, via University transfers:

1.    $ 350,000     Five year commitment to fund University scholarships.

2.    $ 500,000     Annual payment for indirect cost recovery.

3.    $ 45,000       Annual contribution to Student Affairs/Student Government.

4.    $ 315,000     Bi-Annual contribution to the University Scholarship Fund from $5.00
                            Clemson home football game ticket sales.

5.    $ 145,000     Annual support to the University Band.


Additionally, the Athletics Department pays full out-of-state tuition amounting to approximately $700,000 annually.

Admission taxes generated by Athletic events total approximately $400,000 annually in revenue to the State of South Carolina.

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