TO: Sarah Wise, Secretary, Faculty Senate Office

FROM: Prof. Kenneth W. Gaines, Chair, Academic Responsibility Committee

RE: Annual Report AY 1997-98: Committee on Academic Responsibility

DATE: October 6, 1998


1. The Committee met on September 17, 1997 to consider an appeal of a sanction of one semester out for a student enrolled in the College of Criminal Justice.

The College was unanimously affirmed in the Committee=s decision issued September 23, 1997.

2. On November 5, 1997, the Committee Chair with the consent of the Committee submitted for Faculty Senate approval amendments to the University Rules on Academic Responsibility. These amendments are applicable to the Law School only. The amendments were approved by the Faculty Senate at its meeting on the date first above indicated.

3. A committee meeting to select a Chair and conduct any new business is pending.




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