Board of Governors - Faculty House

1997-1998 Annual Report


        Faculty House has had a successful year in which changes occurred to improve service for members and to place the facility on a more secure financial basis. Marriott has been employed to manage Faculty House under the capable leadership of Elizabeth Bohlke, John Howard, and Maxine Jennings; expanded hours of operation have been announced; and the dress code has been relaxed for the main floor rooms. A new "Faculty House Card" is being issued that will improve the charging of members for their meals. Persons attending the new Advocacy Center are being provided honorary memberships and encouraged to use the facility during their visit to the University. Increased but tactful attempts are being made to obtain payment of overdue accounts. The size of the Board will be increased with the addition of 2 new members. All of the changes and activities are already making a positive change in the financial situation at Faculty House.

        I wish to thank all Board members and the management for their support during the year.


Robert L. Beamer, Chairman

Board of Governors - Faculty House

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