Charles W. Tucker, Chair


The Faculty Budget Committee met at least monthly to discuss budgetary decisions and make recommendations to the University Administration. We received the proposed budget for the fiscal year 1997-98, Fiscal Year 1998-99 Budget Updates and a number of program modification proposals. We discussed budgetary matters with: President Palms, Provost Odom, Associate Provost Olsgaard, Associate Provost Welsh and the Director of the Department of Internal Audit, Mr. Alton McCoy. We were unable to attend any of the "Strategic Planning" meetings due to conflicts with classes, student advising and other commitments of the ex-officio members of the committee.

We took these actions:

1. All program modification proposals were approved since none of them (by design) requested any increase in funds.

2. We determined that the auditing of the budget is inadequate to provide information on the performance of the University.

3. We determined that decisions about "below-the-line" expenditures (i.e., School of Public Health Building, Computer Business Applications Education Initiative, and USC Columbia Arena) were made without Faculty Budget Committee consultation and those expenditures effected the budget.

4. We determined that in their development very little consideration was being given to the affect that new proposals would have on achieving AAU status and whether the proposal was the best use of University resources.

We recommend:

1. An auditing function be established in the Office of the Provost to determine the operational effectiveness and efficiency of the University's major activities.

2. The schedule for "Strategic Planning" meetings be modified so that a member of the FBC can attend them.

3. The composition of the Faculty Budget Committee be enlarged by having five (instead of three) elected faculty members.

4. The Faculty Budget Committee be consulted on "below-the-line" funds before the requests are made to the Legislature.

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