1997-1998 Annual Report

Caroline Strobel, Chair


The Faculty Advisory Committee met at least monthly during the 1997-1998 academic year. A study was undertaken concerning committee membership and committee terms. Several minor revisions were made to the Faculty Manual. During the fall, the Report of the President's Blue Ribbon Committee on Tenure and Promotions was studied and necessary changes to the Faculty Manual and Administrative Manual were drafted. During the spring, the Committee considered the Dean's Post-Tenure Review Report. Necessary changes to the Faculty Manual were drafted in order to implement a post-tenure review policy at the University. The changes in Tenure and Promotions and the new Post-Tenure Review policy were presented at the spring General Faculty Meeting and approved by the faculty.

The Committee advised the Provost on a number of other matters including SACS reaccreditation, annual reviews, grievance procedures and awards for instructional staff.

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