Committee Members:


Alan Fried         Journalism & Mass Communications (1998)

JoAnne Herman         Nursing (1998)

Gail Wagner         Anthropology (1998)

Ed Dickey, Chair         Education (1999)

Michael Dickson         Pharmacy (1999)

Chaden Djalali         Physics (1999)

Stefanie Buck         Library (2000)

Phillip Dunn         Art (2000)

Miriam Freeman         Social Work (2000)


William Bearden Business         Administration (1998)

Steven Whisnant         Physics and Astronomy (1998)

Doug Meade         Mathematics (1999)

Donald Stowe         CAPS (1999)

Cynthia Davis         English (2000)

Jim Roberts         Mathematics (2000)

Donald Greiner, ex-officio         Office of the Provost

Steve Adams, ex-officio         Distance Education & Instructional Support


Faculty Teaching Seminars

Alan Fried, chair, Cynthia Davis, Stefanie Buck, and Philip Dunn served on this subcommittee. These sessions were well attended this year, drawing a total of 306 faculty members from USC-Columbia and other campuses. In response to recommendations in a faculty survey, seminars were offered at different times of the day and at different sites on campus.

Topics and speakers were as follows:

October: Turning "Challenging" Situations into a Successful Leaning Environment. (October 15, 1997)

Chaden Djalali, Physics, and Walter Peters, Mechanical Engineering

November: Issues Related to Academic Discipline. (November 20, 1997)

Robert Wilcox, Law, Sally Young, Associate Counsel, and Scott Lewis, Student Affairs

February: The Senior Capstone Seminar: Facilitating Integration, Reflections, Closure, and Transition. (February 17 & 19, 1998)

John Gardner, Library and Information Science, and Keith Davis, Psychology

March: Demonstration of Distance Education and Instructional Support's Advanced Instructional Media Lab. (March 20 & 27, 1998) Nancy Chesnutt, DEIS

April: Changing Nature of USC Columbia's Student Population. (April 23, 1998) Paul Fidler, Division of Student and Alumni Services

Teaching Development Grants

Don Greiner, chair, Stefanie Buck, Chaden Djalali, Miriam Freeman, Michael Dickson, and Jim Roberts served on this subcommittee which awarded 28 faculty teaching development grants in both fall and spring semester, totaling $25,000.

Recipients of fall grants were as follows:

Sarah Baxter, Mechanical Engineering; Mac Brown, Education; Helen Doerpinghaus, Business Administration;, Talmage Fauntleroy, Music; Charles Feigley, Public Health; Minuette Floyd, Art; Deborah Fowler, Applied Professions; Jarvis Latham, Journalism and Mass Communications; Bert Ligon, Music; Charles Partlow, Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Administratio; John Safko, Physics and Astronomy; Michael Sutton, Mechanical Engineering; Wendy Valerio, Music; and Douglas Williams, Marine Science.

Recipients of spring grants were as follows:

Reginald Bain, Music; Judith Bishop/Tina Smith, Speech-Lang Pathology and Audiology; Beverly Busching/Susi Long, Instruction & Teacher Education; Darrell Dernoshek, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese; Sandip Dutta/Joseph Flora, Engineering; Pat Feehan, Library and Info Sci; Ann Kingsolver, Anthropology; Jed Lyons, Engineering; Michael Macan, Cooper Library; Scott Price, Music; Thomas Rice, English; Virginia Scotchie, Art; Marilyn Thomas-Houston, Anthropology; Kathleen Whitcomb, Buisness Administration.


Mungo Teaching Awards

JoAnne Herman, chair, William Bearden, Don Greiner, Chaden Djalali, Don Stowe, and student members, served on the subcommittee who chose the Mungo Teaching Award recipients. The committee received 22 outstanding nominations (17 from the colleges of Liberal Arts and Science and Math, 5 from other colleges). The following faculty members were selected for the awards:

Michael D. Amiridis, Chemical Engineering

Thomas P. Cafferty, Pyschology

Erik L. Collins, Journalism and Mass Communications

Scott R. Goode, Chemistry

James W. Roberts, Mathematics


Teaching Center Proposal

The committee continues to seek external funding to support its vision of a teaching center.

Carolina Teaching Fellows Program

The committee awaits action from the Office of the Provost on the proposal developed by Maria Girardi and submitted in Spring 1997.


Classroom Enhancement

Gail Wagner served as a representative from this committee in working with the Department of Distance

Education and Instructional Support to get faculty feedback about the classroom enhancement project

that is now underway in the Jones, Sumwalt, and BA.

Liaison to other University Committees and Task Forces

Don Stowe represented FCID on the University Technology Committee and the Assessment Advisory Committee. Ed Dickey represented FCID on the ad-hoc Internet Courses Committee. Liaisons reported on committee actions of interest to FCID.


Addition of ex-officio member representing Office of Distance Education and Instructional Support.

The committee passed the following motion:

Amend the description of the Committee on Instructional Development to include a non-voting, ex officio, representative from the Office of Distance Education and Instructional Support.

The rationale for this action was a desire to have a member of the DEIS staff hear committee interests and concerns, advise the committee on issue related to instructional support, and provide consistent liaison with the Office of DEIS.


Development of Doctoral Teaching Assistants

The committee studied the preparation and development of doctoral students for teaching assignments. Richard Lawhon from the Graduate School presented a description of the teaching orientation programs offered to graduate teaching and instructional assistants assigned to teach undergraduate courses. He provided the agenda for the two-day session that includes several topics and speakers. A copy of Teaching at USC, a collection of essays on teaching by USC faculty given to session attendees, was shared. He pointed out that many units follow this general orientation with one more specific to the unit's academic discipline. Committee members described several discipline specific orientations offered by their units. The Department of English seems to have the most comprehensive program (a year-long, graduate credit course for all doctoral teaching assistants). Business Administration has developed a two day seminar. Journalism has compiled a notebook. Departments in the College of Science and Mathematics offer sessions on teaching and lab management. The Graduate School also holds a special orientation for non-native English speakers which includes an assessment of their oral communication competence and review of a brief videotaped lesson. Lastly, the Graduate School sponsors a new faculty orientation session on teaching that draws from the GTA orientation.


Dr. Lawhon reported that these programs have been effective. Complaints concerning the English proficiency of teaching assistants have ceased and Deans have noticed a decrease in complaints concerning the quality of graduate assistant instruction. The committee offered several suggestions that might enhance the program or materials used. A brief description of the Instructional Development Committee's mission and programs was submitted for inclusion in upcoming issues of Teaching at USC.


Recommendation on Minimal Classroom Teaching Equipment

The committee studied classroom teaching equipment and the delivery of equipment to classrooms. A letter to Provost Odom was prepared and sent in which the committee recommended that all campus classrooms be equiped with an overhead projector, a screen, and a data jack (for access to the campus Internet backbone). The committee recommended that classroom enhancement funds be used to purchase the projectors and screens. The committee will work with DLIS to install data jacks as offices in different buildings are added to the "smart stream" system.

Graduate Teaching Awards

The committee began studying awards for graduate assistant teaching excellence and awards for University teaching in graduate courses. This topic will be studied in more detail next year. Over the summer committee members will gather information on graduate teaching awards and recognition at AAU institutions.


This group would like to express gratitude to Rhonda Filiatreault of the Provost's office for her highly

professional support. Ed Dickey was elected to chair the committee for 1998-99.

Respectfully submitted,

Ed Dickey, Chair


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