University Committee on Scholastic Standards and Petitions
1997-98 Annual Report



Carter Bays, Computer Science

Ron Davis, Music

Terry Davis, Admissions, ex-officio

James Day, French & Classics

Kathy Graham, Physical Education

Judith Rink, Physical Education

John Lopiccolo, Journalism & Mass Communications, Chair

John Lopiccolo and Ron Davis going off this year.

New Members for 1998-99:

Gary Reeves, Business Administration

Wiebke Strehl, Germanic, Slavic and Oriental Languages

Elected Chair for next year: James Day, French & Classics


At the meeting on November 11, 1997 the Scholastic Standards and Petitions Committee took the following action and submitted it to the Senate which approved the change:

Change in residence requirements on page 24, Undergraduate Bulletin

The last 30 semester hours must be completed in residence at the University, and at least half of the hours in the student's major courses and in the student's minor courses (if applicable) must be taken at the at the University. Some programs impose greater student residence and/or majorrequirements.

An Ad Hoc committee was established to consider use of minus grades and establishment of a forgiveness policy in regard to repetition of courses. This was a system wide committee consisting of: Jim Kauffman, Aiken; Andy Crosland, Spartanburg; Robert Castleberry, Sumter; James Day, Columbia; John Lopiccolo and Terry Davis (ex-officio), Columbia.

Items I and II below were from the Ad Hoc committee.

At its meeting on Thursday, April 23, 1998 the Committee on Scholastic Standards and Petitions took these actions:

I. Change Undergraduate Bulletin page UG 20 and page 21UG to add minus grades (A-, B- and C-) to grading system with adjustments to the grade point value for plus and minus grades. This was submitted to the Senate for its summer meeting, but because of lack of quorum action has been delayed until Fall. If approved by the Columbia Senate and/or General Faculty these changes must be forwarded to the Provost for system wide consideration.

II. Following motion on a forgiveness policy was referred to the Council of Assistant and Associate Dean's:

Changes to Undergraduate Bulletin page 17UG

Repetition of Course Work

When a course is repeated, both grades will be entered on the student's permanent academic record, but only the grade earned the final time a course is taken will be and included in the grade point average. Course , but course credit toward graduation will be given only once, unless otherwise stipulated in the course description.

III. Department of Sociology:

Change Undergraduate Bulletin on page UG 178 to require grade of C or better in SOCY 101 for Sociology majors. This change was also approved by the University Curriculum committee and its action was submitted to the Senate for approval.


No petitions were received from students appealing decisions made at the college level.


In accordance with the policy as stated in the Faculty Manual, College committees on scholastic standards and petitions are required to submit "an annual report on the number of petitions received and the disposition of each to the University committee by September 1." A summary of those reports will be submitted later.

I would like to express the appreciation of the Committee to the staff of the Faculty Senate, Jeanna Luker and Peggy Pickels, and to the Registrar and his staff for their support and input.

Respectfully Submitted,


John Lopiccolo


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