University Committee on Tenure and Promotion

Annual Report 1997-1998

The University Committee on Tenure and Promotion has two principal functions: (1) review promotion and tenure files after the Provost and forward its recommendations to the President; and (2) review requests for changes in unit criteria and procedures and approve or provide suggestions for revisions and modifications.

This year the committee considered just over 50 cases. There were 21 cases of promotion and tenure, 22 cases of promotion, and the rest were tenure cases. Decisions at all levels of the review were consistent in the vast majority of the cases. In particular, only for three cases did the final judgment of the President depart from the recommendation of UCTP. Disagreement among levels usually involved cases from units whose criteria were vague and relatively wide-open to interpretation.

The Criteria and Procedures subcommittee considered documents from eight units, fully approving three after some consultation with the units. More or less extensive modifications were suggested to the other five units and the committee awaits their responses. This was a substantial reduction in the workload of this subcommittee from the previous year=s record high of 18 documents reviewed. However, this downward trend is not likely to continue, given the recent approval by the full faculty of a provision that units must periodic update and revise their criteria and procedures statements.

Finally the committee considered the various recommendations made by Faculty Welfare for changes in the Faculty Manual regarding promotion and tenure and service on UCTP and provided feedback to Faculty Welfare concerning the advisability of these proposals. We appreciated the opportunity to have our say even if our voice was not heard on some of the proposals.

Many thanks to all who served so diligently on this committee. It is a difficult and time-consuming job vital to the future of the University.

Respectfully submitted,

John Skvoretz, Chair

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