Faculty Advisory Committee

Annual Report 1998-99


Members: Gerasimos Augustinos, Thomas Borg, Jerome Odom, Henry Price,                                                                  Margit Resch, John Safko, Robert Wilcox

We discussed many topics brought to us by the provost or the faculty--from the establishment of yet another committee on information technology and a policy on departmental by-laws to procedures for determining salary raises. The following items were approved by the faculty and the administration and are now in effect:

I. Several changes were made to the University's Manual on Policies and Procedures.

(1) Employees have always been prohibited from causing the employment, appointment, promotion, transfer, or advancement of a family member. Now they are also prohibited from participating in such actions.

(2) Code does not permit employees to "participate in an action relating to the discipline" of related persons. Now they are also not allowed to participate in an action relating to the reward of related persons.

(3) We added wording to the nepotism policy to address the concern that people who are involved in a close relationship (but not married) are eligible to participate in decisions affecting the professional life of their partner. In the future, not only family members, but also people involved in relationships that a reasonable person would view as affecting one's professional judgment are bound by the nepotism policy (see HR 1.27).

II. We also began to revise the Faculty Manual, a job that will take a few years.

            • We reviewed the faculty committees first and updated committee assignments, adjusted memberships, eliminated some committees, and changed rules for membership. For the new wording, see http://www.sc.edu/policies/facman/faculty.html#comm

            • The language in the Faculty Manual was revised by a subcommittee. These editorial changes will be brought to the General Faculty this September. Substantive changes will be discussed this coming year.

III. Since the Grade Change Committee was abolished, we devised a new procedure and corresponding forms:

Grade changes based on transcription or computation errors shall be reported directly to the Office of the University Registrar on the appropriate grade change form signed by the instructor and the head of his or her academic unit. Any request for a grade change must be submitted by the instructor no later than one calendar year from the date on which the grade was reported. Beyond this period, grade changes will be considered only in exceptional circumstances and must be handled through the petition procedure of the student's college. Any other grade change request resulting from enrollment discrepancies, medical withdrawals, or perceived administrative errors (changes to W, WF, AUDIT, CREDIT, S/U, or to I) must be submitted on the appropriate forms with signatures and documentation to the dean of the student's college for review through the petition procedure. This does not apply to the routine makeup and extension of an I (incomplete) and posting of a permanent grade to replace the recorded NR mark. An I turns into a grade of F after one year; a NR turns into a grade of F after one semester. Special make-up work or examinations to change grades already recorded are not permitted.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to Gregory Adams and Ben Franklin for serving on a subcommittee, chaired by Henry Price, which improved the language of the Faculty Manual and identified substantive problems yet to be solved. We also like to thank Barbara Blaney from the Registrar's Office, Jane Jameson from Human Resources, Bobby Gist from Equal Opportunities Programs, and especially Jeanna Luker and Peggy Pickels from the Faculty Senate Office for their help with these proposals.

Margit Resch

Committee Chair



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