Faculty Senate Bookstore Committee

Annual Report 1998-1999


Members of the Faculty Senate Bookstore Committee for 1998-1999 were Bonnie Drewniany, Journalism; L. Clifton Fuhrman, Pharmacy; Jeanne Garane, French & Classics; Cassandra Gissendanner, Library, Chair; Thomas Stanford, Engineering; and Terry Wolfer, Social Work.

The chair of the committee met with the Bookstore Manager, Michael McLauchlin, and the Textbook Manager, Jennifer Brewer, late in the summer of 1998 to establish a liaison.

The committee met in Thomas Cooper Library on October 26, 1998. Mike McLauchlin and Jennifer Brewer of the Russell House Bookstore made a presentation of their concerns and then answered questions from the committee. After the presentation by the bookstore managers, the committee discussed its charge as a committee and the handling of complaints. The committee did not meet during the spring semester.

The committee received three complaints during the fall semester: two from the Department of Psychology and one from the Library. The chair of the committee discussed the complaints with the complainants and with the bookstore manager and the textbook manager. In addition, the complainants corresponded with the bookstore manager, who responded with his explanation of how the problems had originated. He also expressed his desire to solve problems and to strengthen the relationship between faculty, bookstore, and students. The chair also followed up with the complainants to ascertain that the problems were resolved. In the Spring semester, the committee received no complaints directly, although the chair of the committee was informed that a complaint had been sent to the Provost regarding the bookstore. The committee took no action since the complaint was in the province of the Bookstore Oversight Committee. During the summer, one complaint from the Spanish MIBS Coordinator was handled by the incoming chair of the committee. Two members of the committee, Cassandra Gissendanner and Thomas Stanford, completed their terms of service and were replaced by Gary Geer, Library, and Sandra Tonnsen, Education. L. Clifton Fuhrman is the new chair of the committee.

Cassandra Gissendanner, Chair, 1998-1999

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