Annual Report of the Faculty Budget Committee


During the Fall and Spring terms the Faculty Budget Committee met eight times and once during the summer. In addition to these meetings at least one member and generally two or three members of the committee participated in the annual budget hearings for all units of the University which report to the Provost and, the Chair or his representative participated in the annual budget hearings for units which report to the President. At the June meeting the committee was briefed on the University's' proposed budget prior to it being presented to the Board of Trustees. To the best of the Chair's knowledge, this year saw the most participation ever by the Faculty Budget Committee in the University's budget process. The Chair wishes to acknowledge President Palms for his openness and willingness to cooperate with the committee.

One of the particular concerns of the Faculty Budget Committee was the development of a University management information system, SmartStream system. Although the system is designed primarily for financial and personnel data, the committee felt it important that the academic interests of the University be involved. The committee supported the inclusion of academic representatives on the SmartStream Steering Committee and is satisfied that currently there is academic representation in the development and implementation of the SmartStream system.

One of the members of the Faculty Budget Committee is the Provost. Provost Odom attended all meetings and participated actively. On occasion he used the committee as a sounding board for possible planning and policy decisions. He contributed greatly to the understanding of the faculty representatives concerning the University budget process and academic administration. It is particularly noteworthy that Provost Odom decided to make available on the WEB all of the colleges' strategic plan updates which enabled all members of the University community to gain insight into the planning process and priorities.

Professor James B. Edwards has been elected the Chair for 1999-2000 academic year.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert J. Carlsson, Chair

Faculty Budget Committee