1998 – 1999 ANNUAL REPORT


Deborah C. Haynes, Chair, Educational Support Services

Jeff Cargile, Human Resources

Barbara Clark, Human Resources

Donna Collins, Facilities Management

Dr. H Thorne Compton, Department of Theater, Speech & Dance

Dennis Duval, Student Representative

Dr. Laurie Ford, Psychology Department

Bobby Gist, Equal Opportunity Programs

Deborah Graham, Transitional Living Program

James Kirk, Business and Finance

Gretchen Koehler, Housing Services

Karen Pettus, Disability Services

Beleda Saziru, Student Representative

Greg Schutz, Veterans Affairs

Joey Thomas, Student Representative

Sally Young, Legal Department


The Disability Affairs Committee met two times during the 1998 – 1999 academic year. The committee addressed the following issues: 1) use of the new adaptive van; 2) building accessibility; and 3) new oversight committee.

Students with mobility problems resulting from arthritis, heart problems, and balance have used the adapted van that was delivered in June 1998. However, students in wheelchairs still prefer to navigate the campus for themselves. The committee discussed making the van available to other departments on campus as a way of increasing the usage. Debbie Haynes will talk with Derrick Huggins, the Director of Vehicle Management and Transportation, about this option.

Although USC is one of the most accessible universities in the Southeast, building accessibility continued to be an area of concern for the Disability Affairs Committee. Some classroom buildings and residence halls still pose problems for students with the more severe disabilities. Facilities Management and Housing Services have been very cooperative in addressing building issues as they have been made aware of them.

During the spring 1999 semester, the Division of Student and Alumni Services formed an Institutional Review Committee for Students with Disabilities. This committee is an interdisciplinary group to improve coordination and oversight among Division offices,


Disability Affairs Committee

1998 – 1999 Annual Report

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other University offices, and state and community agencies with various responsibilities for students with severe disabilities.

For the 1999- 2000 academic year, the Disability Affairs Committee will evaluate the adaptive technology available on-campus for students with disabilities and explore any new technology that may be available. In addition, the committee will continue to address accessibility issues as they arise.

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