In its first full year under the management of Sodexho-Marriott Corporation, the Faculty Club stemmed the flow of red ink to some extent but still has a considerable distance to go before its revenues are what they should be. One of the methods taken, regretfully, to balance the books was the cancellation of a la carte dinner service in the main floor dining areas. The number of special dinner events organized for the membership was, however, increased substantially. Both John Howard and Richard Mackey served as club managers during the year. Mark Thompson is currently acting manager.

At the request of Mr. George McCutchen, who was concerned that the name "Faculty House" implied that the club's name was the name of the building in which it was situated, the Board voted to change the name of the club to "Faculty Club at McCutchen House." The change was endorsed by the Faculty Senate. Mr. McCutchen kindly helped to defray the majority of costs associated with making the name change.

The Board also acted during the year to upgrade the quality of the air conditioning and to improve the club's environment through strict limitations on smoking and the installation of an air purifier. A subcommittee of Sally Boyd and Shirley Kuiper did an admirable job of drafting a long overdue revision to the club's bylaws.

Two new presidential appointees joined the Board during the year. Attorney David Whitener filled the newly created post of business community representative, and Ellen Moore (BADM) replaced E.J. Newby after Mr. Newby's retirement from the University.

Sally Boyd (Continuing Ed) was elected to a full term on the Board after serving as a one-year replacement this year. Kathy Pike (SOWK) was also elected by the faculty. They both began their terms on July 1, 1999.

The officers for next year, confirmed at the Members' meeting in May, are Richard Conant (MUSC), Chair; Bruce Dunlap (CHEM), Vice-Chair; and Carol Flake (EDUC), Secretary. John Finan (BUSF) continues as Treasurer.

Respectfully submitted,

Ina Rae Hark, Chair 1998-99 FCBG

Shirley Kuiper, Vice-Chair

Richard Conant, Secretary

John Finan, Treasurer

Charles Jeffcoat, Facilities

Ellen Moore, Membership

Sally Boyd

Bruce Dunlap

Carol Flake

David Whitener


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