Grade Change Committee

1998-1999 Annual Committee Report

Ernest L. Wiggins, Chair

The Grade Change Committee reviewed 977 requests from September 1998 through June 1999. Of those requests, 94 percent (921 requests) were subsequently approved by the Faculty Senate. The overwhelming majority of requests were attributed to computation or transcription errors. Those requests that were rejected either fell outside of the committee’s jurisdiction or were not fully supported by unit documentation. Below is a breakdown of the committee’s work for the 1998-99 school year displayed by month, number of requests and number approved.

September, 129, 118;

October, 86, 81;

November, 21, 20;

December, 23, 22,

February, 123, 114;

March, 215, 202;

April I, 31, 28;

April II, 38, 35;

June, 311, 300.





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