1998-1999 Annual Report

June 15, 1999

Professor Vance L. Cowden, Chair


        During the 1998-1999 academic year the Faculty Grievance Committee acted upon five grievances arising from the University tenure and promotion process. Three of the cases involved denials of tenure and promotion to associate professor. The Committee recommended that the underlying decisions in two of these cases be affirmed. In the third case the Committee recommended that the tenure decision be affirmed but found that the candidate had met the criteria for promotion. President Palms adopted the Committee’s recommendations in all three cases.

        The other two grievances were from denials of promotion to full professor. In one case the Committee recommended that the underlying decision be affirmed. President Palms accepted this recommendation. In the other case the Committee found that there were procedural problems that affected the consideration of the candidate’s file. The Committee recommended that the candidate be promoted to full professor or, in the alternative, the case be remanded to the unit to current the procedural problems. The President chose to remand the case to the unit.

        The Grievance Committee also received two requests for review of unit salary decisions. Contact with the Provost’s office confirmed that both cases had already been referred to the Committee on Salary Inequities which is handling all cases of that type. I notified the individuals of this fact and informed them that the Grievance Committee would take no formal action at this time.

        During the past few years we have received reports, or heard rumors, of friction between the Grievance Committee and UCTP. Some have even felt that Grievance was attempting to substitute its opinion for that of UCTP on individual cases. While no system in which one faculty committee sits in review of another’s decisions will be devoid of fiction, the 1998-1999 year saw improvement in the working relationship between the two committees. The credit for this goes in large part to Julian Minghi, Chair of UCTP, who accepted our invitation to have a member of UCTP present as an observer during grievance hearings. This is the first time the invitation has been accepted and I believe the experience helped to confirm that the Grievance Committee is working within its charge.

        Dr. Barry Preedom (Physics & Astronomy) will be Chair of the Grievance Committee for 1999-2000.

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