Committee Members:


Ed Dickey, Chair                                                    Education                                                    (1999)

Michael Dickson                                                     Pharmacy                                                     (1999)

Chaden Djalali                                                        Physics                                                         (1999)

Stefanie Buck                                                      Library                                                  (2000)

Phillip Dunn                                                      Art                                                          (2000)

Miriam Freeman                                                     Social Work                                          (2000)

Bruce Konkle                                                      Journalism & Mass Communications        (2001)

Sheryl Russell                                                     Nursing                                                         (2001)

Michael Welsh                                                     Education                                                 (2001)


Doug Meade                                                        Mathematics                                                  (1999)

Donald Stowe                                                      CAPS                                                        (1999)

Cynthia Davis                                                    English                                                           (2000)

Jim Roberts                                                   Mathematics                                                (2000)

John K. Adams                                                   Music                                                        (2001)

Elwood Carlson                                           Sociology                                                (2001)

Clara Thomas                                                   Student Representative (undergraduate)

Donald Greiner, ex-officio                                  Office of the Provost

Steve Adams, ex-officio                                 Distance Education & Instructional Support

Faculty Teaching Seminars

Stefanie Buck, chair, Woody Carlson, Mike Welsh, Bruce Kunkle, Sheryl Russell, and Philip Dunn served on this subcommittee. These sessions were well attended this year, drawing faculty members from USC-Columbia and other campuses. In response to recommendations in a faculty survey, seminars were offered at different times of the day and at different sites on campus.

Topics and speakers were as follows:

October: Service Learning in the Classroom. (October 20, 1998)                                           David Janes, Coordinator of Community Service Programs in the Department of Student Life, and Kevin Swick, College of Education.

November: Academic Support Services: Services for Students with Disabilities. (November 18, 1998)                                                                                                                                Deborah Haynes, Director, Educational Support Services; Joyce Haddock, Director, Academic Support Services; and Karen Pettus, Director, Disability Services.

January: Bibliographic Instruction: Incorporating Library Assignments and Bibliographic Instruction into your Course. (January 27, 1999)                                                                 Sharon Verba and Don Kaplan, Thomas Cooper Library.

March: Case Based Instruction. (March 4, 1999)                                                              Michael Welsh, College of Education.

March: Web Authoring Tools (March 31 and April 1, 1999)                                                     Dan Barron, College of Library and Information Science, and Nancy Chesnutt, Advanced Instructional Media Center, Instructional Support.

April: 1998 Mungo Teaching Award Recipients. (April 22, 1999)                                      Michael Amiridis, College of Engineering; Thomas Cafferty, Department of Psychology; Erik Collins, College of Journalism and Mass Communications; Scott Goode, Department of Chemistry; James Roberts, Department of Mathematics.

Teaching Development Grants

Don Greiner, chair, Doug Meade, Chaden Djalali, Miriam Freeman, Michael Dickson, and Jim Roberts served on this subcommittee which reviewed 38 proposals and awarded 24 faculty teaching development grants in both fall and spring semester, totaling $25,000.

Recipients of fall grants were as follows:                                                                                                                            Anne Bezuidenhout, Philosophy; Thomas Cafferty, Psychology; Talmage Fauntleroy, Music; Minuette Byer Floyd, Art Education; Ezra Greenspan and Robert Newman, English; William R. Sandberg, BA; Constance B. Schulz, Histroy; Virginia Scotchie, Art; Wiliam Thesing, English; Terry . Wolfer, Social Work.

Recipients of spring grants were as follows:                                                                                                                        Greg Carbone, Geography; Molly M. Gribb, Civil Engineering; D. Eric Holt, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese; Keith Kenney, Journalism; Robert Lyon, Art; Jed Lyons, Mechanical Engineering; Matt Miller and David Wethey, Math and Biology; Charles Pierce, Civil Engineering; William Richey, English; John Safko, Physics and Astronomy; Ruth Saunders, Public Health; Virginia Scotchie, Art; Ann Swafford, Retailing; Irma Van Scoy, Education.

Mungo Teaching Awards

Chaden Djalali, chair, John Adams, Cynthia Davis, Don Stowe, and student members Chase Boulware and Chappell Suber (both Carolina Scholars from the Honors College) served on the subcommittee who chose the Mungo Teaching Award recipients. The committee received 22 outstanding nominations The following faculty members were selected for the awards:

James Cutsinger, Religious Studies

Nina Levine, English

David Sumner, Mathematics

Harry Ploehn, Chemical Engineering

Vincent Van Brunt, Chemical Engineering

Teaching Center Proposal

The committee continues to seek external funding to support its vision of a teaching center.

Carolina Teaching Fellows Program

The committee awaits action from the Office of the Provost on the proposal developed by Maria Girardi and submitted in Spring 1997.

Classroom Enhancement

Michael Dickson served as a representative from this committee in working with the Department of Distance Education and Instructional Support to get faculty feedback about the classroom enhancement project that is now underway in the Jones, Sumwalt, and BA.

Liaison to other University Committees and Task Forces

Don Stowe represented FCID on the University Technology Committee and the Assessment Advisory Committee. Ed Dickey represented FCID on the ad-hoc Internet Courses Committee. Liaisons reported on committee actions of interest to FCID.

Graduate Teaching Awards

Jim Roberts,chair, Woody Carlson, John Adams, Mike Welsh, and Ed Dickey.

The committee studied awards for excellence in University teaching in graduate courses. Information on graduate teaching awards and recognition at AAU institutions was gathered. After several approaches were discussed and with the support of Graduate School Dean Marcia Welsh a recommendation to create a Graduate Teaching Award governed by the Graduate School was forwarded to the Provost. No source of funds for the award was recommended. The Committee awaits a response from the Provost and will continue to consider an award for graduate student mentoring.

Audio-Visual Equipment in Classrooms

Throughout the year, the committee discussed and studied the issue of supply audio-visual equipment to instructors in classrooms. After considerable deliberation, two recommendations were forwarded to the Provost:

1. Begin a procedure of having faculty/departments include specific audio/visual needs along with room requests and forward this information to the Space Scheduling Office. Space Scheduling will then make an effort to match faculty AV needs with classrooms that contain the appropriate equipment.

2. Before the Fall 1999 semester, equip the 25 classrooms for which DEIS currently receives the most AV requests with either videotape playing or computer projection equipment.

This group would like to express gratitude to Rhonda Filiatreault of the Provost's office for her highly professional support. Michael Welsh was elected to chair the committee for 1999-2000.


Respectfully submitted,

Ed Dickey, Chair





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