Committee on Libraries

1998-1999 Annual Report


The University Faculty Committee on Libraries in 1998-1999 was composed of:


Ronald Baughman, Chair (Art)

James Teng (Business Administration)

Owen Connelly (History)

Dwight Underhill (Public Health)

Joan Donohue (Business Administration)

W. E. Sharp (Geology)


C. Mack (Art)

Benjamin Franklin (English)

John Catalano (Lancaster)

Scott Goode (Chemistry)

George Terry (University Libraries and Collections), ex-officio

The committee met six times during the academic year.

        Construction of the off-campus remote-storage facility, located on state property at the intersection of Parklane Road and I-77 in Northeast Columbia and begun in 1998, is now near completion. The Library Committee conducted three tours of the site to gain first-hand knowledge of the facility. When finished, the annex will house materials in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment. The remote-storage structure is designed to help relieve the already over-crowded Thomas Cooper Library, a building designed for 1.5 million volumes but currently containing 2.0 million of the more than 3.0 million volumes on the Columbia campus. The remote-storage facility will house those volumes that are in less-demand than others; the facility’s close proximity to campus will allow for prompt retrieval of any works requested.

        While the off-campus-storage facility nears completion, the South Caroliniana library’s repairs have been delayed. Such delays raise serious concerns about the protection of the library’s holdings and, perhaps, about the building’s structure itself.

        Important additions to the library’s holdings continue to enhance the main library’s research services. Notably, the Lexus-Nexus database has been purchased, and the rare book and manuscript division has increased the quality and quantity of its acquisitions, enhancing the library’s standing as a research institution.



Ronald Baughman, Chair

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