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June 23, 1999

To: Sarah Wise, Secretary

Faculty Senate Office

From: Julian Minghi, Chair 1998-9, UCTP

Re:                         Report for 1998-1999, University Committee on Tenure and Promotions

The UCTP had a very busy and productive year.


The entire UCTP held a total of eleven times, with four in the Fall Semester and five regularly scheduled meetings in the Spring Semester, plus an extra meeting in April to discuss a remanded file and a meeting with the President in late April. Routinely 22 of our 24 members attended. The three panels each met once during the Fall and four or five times during the Spring. Panel chairs elected were: Caroline Strobel, Dan Barron, and Leon Ginsberg/Willard Moore (co-chairs). The two subcommittees (Procedures and Criteria - Walter Edgar, chair, and Internal Rules - Diane Follingstad, chair) each met several times during the year. Most extra-meetings business was conducted by E-mail.

Tenure and Promotion - Candidates’ Files

The Chair and the Provost’s Office enjoyed excellent relations throughout the year and an ideal system of file flow through the critical January-March period worked out as planned. In all, 54 files of candidates for tenure and/or promotion were examined, one in the Fall for a mid-year decision, and 53 in the Spring. A total of 77 ballots were taken - 33 on tenure (of which 22 were "decision-year"), 23 on promotion to associate professor, and 21 on promotion to professor. Candidates came from thirty-one different units.

Unit Revised Procedures and Criteria

A total of seven sets of revised criteria and procedures were approved with changes by the subcommittee through a system by which changes suggested/required by the subcommittee were passed on to the relevant unit, with a UCTP representative appointed to work with each unit in the revision process. Final drafts of acceptable procedures were eventually made available to the entire UCTP prior to a formal vote of approval. At year’s end, two sets remained under negotiation and four new sets arrived in late May through the Provost’s Office.

Internal Rules Changes

In the Fall, this subcommittee adopted an official procedure for replacing elected members who resign before the end of their terms by establishing an "internal nominations" committee. In its work on bringing our procedures and USC tenure and promotion procedures up to date, this subcommittee was ably assisted by UCTP member Ward Briggs, who was able to complete the first and long-overdue revision of the 1990 Guide to USC-Columbia Tenure and Promotion Procedures (The "Goldenrod Book") in March. With a few revisions, this was approved by UCTP in April and by the Provost in May and is now available as a replacement for the 1990 edition. A most valuable addition is a final section is on "Guidelines for Developing Unit Criteria".

April 1999 Workshops

Two very useful and upbeat workshops were held on April 29, jointly run by the chair and the chair-elect John Spurrier. At 10 am we met with about 30 unit T and P chairs and at 11 am with over 50 faculty who are likely candidates for 1999-2000

Membership Changes - Resignations/Replacements

Beyond the five newly-elected members and the three appointed by the President, UCTP had to elect four members to fill out terms of elected members who for a variety of reasons could not continue and resigned. Leon Ginsberg, Heidi Mills, and Mike Sutton were elected during the summer, and James Flanagan in January. In addition, Don Songer was appointed as a replacement in August.

Other Notable Developments

UCTP took its "observer" status on the Grievance Committee seriously and had representatives at all five hearings held on grievance cases resulting from the 1998 T and P decisions.


The chair continually stressed two main priorities. The need for complete confidentiality in the functioning of the committee, and the obligation, after very careful reading of the files and following panel and committee discussion, to clearly justify all ballots in terms of the published unit and faculty manual criteria. I believe UCTP met these priorities.

This is a very hardworking committee whose members give an enormous portion of their time to the most important task we can undertake as faculty. It is an honor to serve on it and has been particularly satisfying and fun to chair it for a year.

Julian Minghi

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