April 29, 1999

CHAIRMAN WEDLOCK – Well, I think we have a brief agenda that we will be able to get through and get out and join you in just a second.

I. Call to Order.

CHAIRMAN WEDLOCK – I call the meeting to order.

II. Approval of Minutes.

CHAIRMAN WEDLOCK - The first item of business is the approval of the minutes. Do we have the approval of the minutes? Yes.

MS. LORRAINE AUN – PRESIDENT-ELECT OF THE ALPHA CHAPTER OF PHI BETA KAPPA – I would like to offer a correction to the minutes as it relates to the activities of Phi Beta Kappa. What I would like to say is that I have written the Chair a letter responding to the comments about Phi Beta Kappa at the last meeting. I would like that letter to be read into the minutes. It would address a lot of the issues raised at the last meeting and help people understand about the activities we have going on campus, and about our performance overall.

CHAIRMAN WEDLOCK – Thank you very much. I did receive a letter and it is not necessarily a correction to the minutes but an addendum to the minutes. I will order this to be published with the minutes of this meeting as a response to the comments that appear in the minutes of the last meeting. Is that alright? [See Attachment 1]

LORRAINE AUN - That’s fine.

CHAIRMAN WEDLOCK – Thank you very much. Briefly what this letter basically says is that 126 out of 172 students accepted the invitation to join. It is the highest percentage in recent history and at 73% compares quite favorably with the national average. It then goes on to state that there were a number of things that the Phi Beta Kappa chapter here is doing to encourage membership and to contact faculty and their participation. Is that a fair summary?



III. Reports of Officers.

                                                                                  [Reports of Officers mistakenly not called for] 


IV. Report of the Committees.


A. Faculty Senate Steering Committee, Professor Sarah Wise, Chair:

CHAIRMAN WEDLOCK – The report of the Steering Committee.


B. Grade Change Committee, Professor Ernest Wiggins, Chair:

PROFESSOR WIGGINS – The recommended grade changes can be found on pages 23- 25 of the agenda. I move their acceptance.

CHAIRMAN WEDLOCK – You heard the motion. The committee does not require a second. Any discussion? All in favor signify by saying aye.

UNIDENTIFIED SENATOR - Are you moving all the grade changes?

CHAIRMAN WEDLOCK – Yes. Would you like to take exception to any one of them?


CHAIRMAN WEDLOCK – All right. All those in favor signify by saying aye. Opposed. Passed. And you’re out of business. Congratulations.

C. Curricula and Courses Committee, Professor William G. Jacoby, Chair:

CHAIRMAN WEDLOCK – Curricula and Courses Committee, Don Edwards was supposed to be here for Curricula and Courses. All right. It is printed in your agenda. There are some editorial changes to Physics and Astronomy which are not substantive changes. I don’t have them exactly but if we will pass the changes we will make those later.


CHAIRMAN WEDLOCK – On page 30. Thank you.

PROFESSOR MYHRER – The last line TO: PHYS 303. I am in PHYS 303 in the parentheses it should be written "(Prereq: a grade of C or better in PHYS 302 or

PHYS 212 and in MATH 241).

CHAIRMAN WEDLOCK – So the language – I got it – "and in". Is this in the "From" or the "To"?


CHAIRMAN WEDLOCK – This is in the "To" line so it should be a grade of C or better in PHYS 302 or PHYS 212 and in MATH 241. All right. Any other suggestions or amendments? Hearing none. All those in favor signify by saying aye. All opposed. Motion passes. There are no other reports of committees.

V. Unfinished Business.

CHAIRMAN WEDLOCK – Any unfinished business? None.

VI. New Business.

CHAIRMAN WEDLOCK – Any new business? None.

VII. Good of the Order.

CHAIRMAN WEDLOCK – Any remarks for the Good of the Order? Richard?

For the record I want to thank William Hubbard for coming to present the Trustees Professor Award. He is a very busy man. He gives an enormous amount of time and attention and energy to this University and that’s just another example. He took off the afternoon, or a good part of the afternoon, just to come up here and hand an award to a faculty member in front of the faculty. So I would just like to thank him for that.

VIII. Announcements.

CHAIRMAN WEDLOCK – Any announcements? Okay, the meeting is adjourned.


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