September 1, 1999


I. Call to Order

CHAIR ELDON WEDLOCK – I would like to call the meeting to order.

II. Correction and Approval of Minutes

CHAIR WEDLOCK - Are there any amendments or comments or additions to the minutes of June 29? Hearing none I will order them approved as printed.

III. Reports of Officers - None

CHAIR WEDLOCK – The only order of business, since the President and the Provost have indicated they have no further things to report, is from the Committee on Curricula and Courses.

IV. Reports of Committees

A. Committee on Curricula and Courses, Professor David Berube, Acting Chair;

PROFESSOR BERUBE (THSP) – We are on page 14 – Section I. It is for the College of Business Administration a listing of new courses. There is a change where the prefix reads IBIS that is the name of a bird. The name of the program is IBUS. So it is IBUS 405 and then IBUS 405 in cross listing under MGSC 405. I move Section I.

CHAIR WEDLOCK – You have heard the motion are there any amendments? Hearing none all those in favor say aye. Opposed? Passes.

PROFESSOR BERUBE – Section II College of Liberal Arts there is a deletion, series of changes, and 2 new courses at the end. We have to do some editorial changes on the bottom of page 16 and the top of page 17. On the bottom of page 16 where it has RUSS 319L NINETEENTH-CENTRY RUSSIAN LITERATURE IN RUSSIAN, the number 1 should follow that so that the students get credit for doing this. Then if we turn it over on page 17 and go down to RUSS 320L, it should read TWENTIETH-CENTURY RUSSIAN LITERATURE IN RUSSIAN and the number 1 should appear there. Also you might want to note that the number 1 mysteriously appeared between the 320 and the letter L. It shouldn’t appear there but instead should follow the title of the course. So moved.

CHAIR WEDLOCK – With that correction which I’m sure everybody understands, all those in favor signify by saying aye. Opposed? Passed.

PROFESSOR BERUBE – Section III College of Science and Mathematics their change in prerequisites. So moved.

CHAIR WEDLOCK – You’ve heard the motion. Any amendments? Hearing none, all those in favor aye. All opposed. It passes. Thank you.

V. Old Business – None

VI. New Business – None

VII. Announcements

PROFESSOR CHARLES MACK (ART) – There is a soccer game this evening. A double header beginning at 6:00 p.m. Men’s and women’s double header at Stone Stadium.

CHAIR WEDLOCK – Be there. Any other announcements.

PROFESSOR SARAH WISE (SECRETARY) – The attendance sheets are circulating so please sign one of them.

VIII. Good of the Order

PROVOST JEROME ODOM – I would actually like Dr. Berube to make this announcement. We are hosting a debate tournament that looks like it is very important. David, I would like for you to let us know about that.

PROFESSOR BERUBE – On the third week of September, I believe it is the 22th to the 23rd, we are hosting the 9th Annual Round Robin Debates. The top 16 teams in the United States are participating and once again we are going to participate. It is our 4th or 5th consecutive year in the National Round Robin which is remarkable because the 2 students who are representing South Carolina this year are a first year student and a sophomore. They’ll be competing against programs from Southern Cal, Michigan State, Emory, Arizona State, Vermont, Alabama, Miami, Loyola and other national programs where seniors will be debating. It is pretty nice.

CHAIR WEDLOCK – Great. Wonderful. Any other announcements or remarks for the good of the order? Hearing none, Caroline I think it is time to pass the gavel. I’ll take my Robert’s Rules and go.

1999-2000 CHAIR CAROLINE STROBEL – I think all of us would like to thank Don for a wonderful two years and for the leadership that he has provided as Chair of Faculty Senate. Will we all give him a round of applause?

1998-1999 CHAIR WEDLOCK – I am supposed to say it has been a lot of fun. It has been a lot of work, but I have enjoyed every minute of it anyway. Thanks.

CHAIR STROBEL – There being no other business the meeting is adjourned.