October 6, 1999


I. Call to Order.

CHAIR CAROLINE STROBEL - Will the meeting please come to order?

The meeting began at 3:03 p.m.

II. Approval of Minutes.

CHAIR STROBEL - Are there any additions or corrections to the minutes as printed? If not the minutes stand approved as printed.

III. Reports of Officers.


Thank you and good afternoon. This is one of the busiest times of the academic year - the beginning of October and I know you are extremely occupied with all the responsibilities that you have. I just have a few brief things I want to announce.

I want to thank everyone that cooperated in our preparation for Hurricane Floyd. We were really very uncertain how that was going to impact the campus. At one time the projectory had it going in between Sumter and Columbia and one time actually hitting Columbia. But so many people cooperated and the Emergency Team met almost daily in Osborne Building. The people who were working on that team acted like they were protecting their own homes and their own families. I just want to compliment the people in Student Life, administration and staff offices, the housing administration, and the residence hall advisors, the law enforcement personnel, the facilities and grounds personnel, the student media, and the cooperation of just everybody - student, staff and faculty.

We are getting ready for the legislative session. We have been meeting and sending in our requests for our capital projects and working with the Commission on Higher Education on trying again to get a halfway decent budget. We were somewhat successful last year but we are going to try again to have some things possible. I think there is an increasing realization of the importance of research universities. Last year you know we got $ 2 million to start a state research initiative that is going to be shared with MUSC and Clemson and the Columbia campus. The Commission on Higher Education this year asked for a similar commitment to research, I say similar in philosophy, but quite an increase in the amount. They are going to ask for $12 million this year. So I think that we will have their strong support.

The campaign is continuing. We are having the regional campaign kickoffs in Beaufort and Hilton Head next week and in the early part of November we will be in Dallas and Houston. I think there are about 20 more regional kickoff campaigns that will be held this academic year. You have probably read we are at that $240 million mark on this. I think we will reach the $300 million mark this year and we will continue.

I hope you have been reading the op-ed pieces that we have been sending into the newspaper. There was a good one there in The State newspaper on the success of our library and I just recently submitted one to Greenville about the importance of research as far as economic development and the quality of this institution.

Some good things that are happening here. Yesterday we had a press conference.

I want to congratulate the faculty and the dean of the College of Nursing. It was designated as 1 of 7 major research nursing centers in the country supported by the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Nursing. This is a significant grant and along with that $1.2 million there is some additional money to start-up some studies. But the important thing is that we are 1 of 7 so recognized in a place that was one of the first to have a Ph.D. in nursing, and this funding is going to grow. This is an opportunity for us to engage in multidisciplinary research involving both our Schools of Public Health and Social Work and psychology and the other strengths that we have in some of these areas. It is a real first, and I thought the newspapers handled it very well and let’s give a round of applause for that faculty and their dean.

Norma and I look forward to having you at Oktoberfest. There will be no costumes required this year. So you won’t see Count Dracula and Sister Norma there. But there will be lots of knockwurst and other beverages.

I will take any questions or comments that you may have on any matter.

Thank you very much, Madam Chairman.


Thank you very much, Caroline. I have number of topics that I would like to discuss with you today.

First of all, our upcoming SACS reaffirmation of our accreditation. Last week the provost office hosted a breakfast today for all the task force chairs having to do with our SACS self-study. The information technology part of that in particular and now we are gearing up to move forward with that. That is going to occupy a lot of our time over the next year and a half. We have been informed that the President of the University of Virginia will be the chair of our visitation committee. We are trying to do something that I hope will be accepted by SACS and that is we are going to put a lot of information that is required in this self-study on the web so SACS might not have to bring such a large visitation team to Columbia. We hoping to be able to provide as much information as possible that way. Again I thank those of you who are chairing various faculty committees and I urge others of you and other faculty to become as involved as you can in that work.

In terms of current searches that are underway within the University; the Vice Provost for research chaired by Gary Crawley, the dean of Science and Mathematics. The committee will be conducting interviews of two candidates this month. Dr. Bill Appleton who is currently with Oak Ridge National Laboratory will be on campus on October 17th through the 19th and Dr. Daniel Walz at Wayne State University will be on campus on October 27th through the 29th. We still are seeking candidates for the position. The search is not closed by any means. We are still looking for suggestions of names and are contacting names for that particular position.

Our chief information officer search being chaired by Dean Fred Roper met yesterday. They have had several meetings but they met yesterday with a representative of Baker, Parker and Associates which is an executive search firm from Atlanta. We have retained that firm to help us with the CIO search. One of the two partners, Jerry Baker will be handling our search personally and I think the members of the committee yesterday had a very good exchange with Jerry and feel good about moving forward with that particular search.

In current dean searches we have interviewed three candidates for the dean’s position at the University of South Carolina at Beaufort. We hope to be making an announcement soon. All of those candidates were external candidates. We are currently initiating a search for the dean’s position at the University of South Carolina Salkehatchie. The current dean, Carl Clayton, will be retiring in December. That search is an internal search and we invite candidates from all eight campuses of the University to apply.

The Darla Moore School of Business search chaired by John Montgomery, dean of the Law School is continuing. The president and I met with the search committee last week. We are continuing the retention of a search firm for that search and we already have a number of possible names for that position.

The College of Education search committee is chaired by Dr. Bruce Coull.

The College of Engineering and Information Technology is chaired by Bruce Dunlap in Chemistry and Biochemistry. They have elected all of their members and we have made other appointments so that committee is fully constituted.

The School of Music search committee is fully constituted chaired by Gordon Smith and they will have their first meeting Friday afternoon.

The College of Applied Professions committee is fully constituted and that is chaired by George Terry and they will be meeting soon as well.

I would like to take a couple of minutes to talk to you about facilities on our campus and the grounds. As you may know, the ribbon cutting for McMaster College is Friday afternoon. McMaster as I understand it is 99% complete and we hope sometime very soon it will be 100% complete.

We have started work on Sloan College which will house the Department of Sociology who will depart from the building occupied by Geography. Geography will occupy all of Calcott.

The dormitory project you see occurring as you drive down Blossom Street, part of the south campus project is well underway.

The Graduate Science Center is almost complete. It is occupied to some degree right now but will be fully occupied hopefully by the beginning of the spring 2000 semester.

We are going to have a Campus Clean-Up Day on October 15th and we hope we can get as many people as possible to take part in that day even if you just take a few minutes to pick up some trash around your building or wherever you are walking. We would certainly appreciate it. I think we really need to try to deal with a culture on this campus that encourages a clean and neat campus.

One of the projects that has been undertaken by the Bicenntenial Commission is the refurbishing of the A.C. Moore Garden. Many of you may not know very much about the A.C. Moore Garden but it is a potentially beautiful little spot on the corner of Pickens and Blossom. A. C. Moore was the chairman of the University’s Centennial Committee. A.C. Moore was also acting president of the University twice so we are going to spend some time and effort on that particular garden and to surround it with a wrought iron fence that is in keeping with other parts of the campus. We are going to work on paths within the garden and do some other beautification projects.

If any of you are interested in being involved with that if you would give me a call I can put you in touch with the proper individuals.

I wanted to inform you that last Thursday the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees passed the Faculty Manual changes that this body passed at its last meeting and the Faculty Advisory Committee at its first meeting has received the charge from its chairman, Henry Price, to now begin work on substantial changes that the faculty feel should be made in the Faculty Manual.

I would like to talk to you for a minute about a program that I have initiated with the Board of Trustees. We have publicized our recruitment here of National Merit scholarship finalists. In fact two years ago we had 62 National Merit Finalists in our freshman class. This year the number was down. It was 37 but that is a very expensive program. Each of those students receive $6,000 a year for 4 years. When you look at the publicity that surrounds this program I think it is wonderful publicity that the university receives for having that number of National Merit Finalists. However there is another column in the Chronicle of Higher Education that shows about how many of these students the university is supporting, and how many are being supported by entities outside the university. What is discouraging to me is that we support everyone of those students from internal funds. If you look at Duke University they do not support a single one of those students. All of those students are supported outside the university. So Board of Trustees member, Mac Whittle, has kindly agreed to initiate funding for National Merit Finalists. He is going to fund five of the scholarships and he has agreed to help Dennis Pruitt and to help me solicit funds to try to fund all of our National Merit Finalists. There may be times we will be calling upon some of you to help us. This is going to be primarily a letter writing and telephone call campaign but we will at some point need faculty help. I hope that you will give us your help.

Finally, last week I hosted the Provosts from the other two research universities in the state - Clemson and the Medical University. This was simply a brainstorming session to talk about how the three universities can work a little more closely together. We have been coming closer and closer in performance based funding meetings where it is very clear that the three research universities, in our opinion, are not treated fairly with respect to all of the higher education institutions in the state. Performance based funding is not addressing the needs of research universities. So Stefan Rogers, Ray Greenberg and I sat down and talked about some initiatives that we might take as research universities and how we are different from 4-year and 2-year institutions in the state. What I would like to do is to ask you if you have any ideas how those three universities could work more closely together, can take more initiatives with respect to research, and with respect to economic development, we would love to hear your ideas about that. That completes my report.

I would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Thank you very much.

III. Reports of Committees.

A. Faculty Senate Steering Committee, Professor Sarah Wise:

PROFESSOR WISE - The Faculty Steering Committee selected John Lopatka of the Law School to fill a one-semester vacancy on the Athletics Advisory Committee.

B. Curricula and Courses Committee, Professor William Jacoby, Chair:

PROFESSOR JACOBY - Before I present the report there is an addendum containing material that was inadvertently left off the agenda that is in front of you. If I can let me pass this around. It won’t come up until part way in the report so let me go ahead and begin. The first item is from Management Science. There is a change in curriculum. I would move the change in curriculum.

CHAIR STROBEL - Are there any comments? All in favor. Opposed. Ayes have it.

PROFESSOR JACOBY - The next item is from the Department of English and it is composed of two parts- a deletion of ENGL 466 RHETORIC FOR WRITERS and then there is a new course, ENGL 466 WRITING INTERNSHIP. So I would like to move both of these together - the deletion and the inclusion of the new course.

CHAIR STROBEL - Are there any questions about these changes? If not all in favor.

PROFESSOR CAROLINE EASTMAN - CSCI - It has been traditionally been unusual to

delete a course and add another one with the same number because of the potential confusion in transcripts. Is this in fact actually a change of course?


PROFESSOR EASTMAN - Rather than a deletion and a new course.

PROFESSOR JACOBY - Yes. I think we just assumed that that was the expedient way to do it to keep the same number there.

CHAIR STROBEL - Are there any other questions? All in favor. Opposed. Ayes have it.

PROFESSOR JACOBY - Okay, the third item, the change in curriculum for the Linguistics Program. Has everybody gotten a copy of the wording here? I should explain what you will see on the agenda and on the sheet that is coming around. The new overview of the curriculum for the Linguistics Program is quite a bit longer than the old one and in the duplication of the agenda the last page of the new component was inadvertently left off. So I think you have one paragraph or most of one paragraph coming around on this new sheet. If everyone has had a chance to at least get a look at it, I hope the content is pretty straight forward. I would like to go ahead and move the change in curriculum.

CHAIR STROBEL - Are there any questions or comments? All in favor. Opposed. Ayes have it.

PROFESSOR JACOBY - The next item is from the School of Music and there is a change in description of MUSC 130 sections A-Z as listed on the agenda. I would like to move that.

CHAIR STROBEL - Are there any questions or comments? All in favor.

Opposed. Ayes have it.

PROFESSOR JACOBY - Okay, two items for information. These are experimental courses that will be listed. The first is ECON 303X and I should note that there is a typographical error in there. In the description its says "Prereq: ECON 324" and it should read "224". I was just informed of this a couple of days ago. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the content. The change shouldn’t affect that. And then Pharmacy would like to list PHRM 611X .

CHAIR STROBEL - Thank you.

C. Faculty Advisory Committee, Professor Henry Price, Chair:

No report.

D. Faculty Welfare Committee, Professor Caroline Eastman, Chair:

PROFESSOR EASTMAN - I have two items which I would like to report to you today which the Faculty Welfare Committee, in conjunction with other groups around the university, has been working on. The first is a Faculty Enrichment Fund. This is a new fund supported by the Family Fund. You all should be getting your Family Fund solicitations fairly soon. Obviously you can’t see the print here, but you will note that there is a new Faculty Enrichment Fund. The intention of this fund is to support faculty benefits similar to those supported by the Staff Development Fund, such as flu shots. This has been something of a sticky issue in the past, and we hope that this new fund will basically resolve that. We encourage the faculty not only to contribute to the Faculty Fund but also to contribute specifically to the Enrichment Fund which will benefit all of us. Although it is not crystal clear on the form it is possible to split your contribution. We realize many faculty contribute to their unit funds as well as to the general fund. It is possible to do both, and we would encourage people to do so.

The other issue I would like to report is the Faculty Self-Study. The Faculty Welfare Committee plans to conduct a survey project to ascertain faculty attitudes and concerns about our working conditions and our professional attitudes. We have been working with Institutional Planning and Research on this. It has been years since the last such survey was done, and we thought it was time for another. We are often asked "Well, yes this is an issue but how many faculty is it an issue for? What really are the important issues for faculty? Do our working conditions allow us to do our work? Do they hinder our work? And, if so, can anything be done about that?" As I mentioned we are working with Institutional Planning and Research and others and we are also cooperating with the SACS Task Force on faculty needs and development. (I am getting a lot of feedback here and it is getting very distracting and I apologize.) This survey will be preceded by a few focus group meetings. Some of you may be asked to participate in these, and we encourage you to do so. It won’t take that much time, and we plan to have at least some refreshments. Are there any questions?

CHAIR STROBEL - Thank you, Caroline. I encourage all of you if asked to participate in one of these focus groups. Please willingly come and participate. Focus groups seem to be a prelude for a questionnaire that will be out to all faculty. So you all will get the questionnaire provide input.

D. Admissions Committee, Professor Stephen McNeill, Chair:

No report.

E. Scholastic Standards and Petitions Committee, Professor

Wiebke Strehl, Chair:

No report.

F. Other Committee Reports.

No reports.

VI. Old Business.


VII. New Business.


VIII. Good of the Order.

CHAIR STROBEL - We have a representative from the Student Government who would like to come up and make an announcement.

PRESIDENT PRO TEM LEIGH ANN TRAVERS - I am the President Pro Tem of the Student Senate. I would just like to underscore what the Provost said and give you some more details on campus cleanup. It is going to be next Friday, the 15th. If you want to participate officially we would really like to have some faculty participation because it would be a great way for faculty and students to come together. The registration is at

2 o’clock on Green Street. What happens is you will get a colored tee shirt and all the same color tee shirts will go to a certain area on campus to work. It will be for an hour and a half or two hours. Everyone will come back together on the Russell House Patio at 4 o’clock for a little celebration before the weekend and just to rejoice over our cleaner campus. So if you want any more information the two coordinators are: Chris Dorsel and Taylor Jones. They have boxes in Greek Life and in Student Government. I have a box in Student Government. So we really would like to see everyone come out. It is next Friday, the 15th at 2 o’clock. Thank you.

CHAIR STROBEL - I encourage you to go back to your units and encourage your fellow faculty members to take part in this activity that is being organized by the Student Government. I think it is very worthwhile activity.

IX. Announcements.

CHAIR STROBEL - It is with deep regret that I must inform you that the Union Campus representative to the Columbia Faculty Senate, Tandy Willis, passed away September 18, 1999. An appropriate expression of our sympathy has been sent to the Union Campus.

I have one other announcement. I am very concerned with the low attendance at Faculty Senate meetings. I do plan to start meetings at 3 o’clock. I plan for them to go expeditiously so it will not take a great deal of your time but I think if you are a senator you should be attending and representing your unit and taking back to your unit the information that is conveyed at these meetings. Therefore, I intend to forward each month after the meeting to respective deans of the absence senators a list of their names so that the deans will be informed of who has attended and who has not attended the Faculty Senate meeting. I am hoping that this will encourage some of our absentee faculty members to start attending meetings or else to resign and have someone else elected to fill their position who is more willing to attend the meeting. It is unfortunate that I make this announcement but I think it is necessary. At the September meeting we had less than half of the senators present.

Are there any other announcements for the Good of the Order? If not the meeting is adjourned. Meeting adjourned at 3:35.