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Feature Speakers

Adrianna Kezar
University of Southern California

Adrianna Kezar is a professor for higher education at the University of Southern California. She has several years of administrative experience in higher education in both academic and student affairs. Her field of expertise consists of change and leadership in higher education and her research agenda explores the change process in higher education institutions and the role of leadership in creating change. Kezar is also a well-known qualitative researcher and has written several texts and articles about ways to improve qualitative research in education. She has participated nationally serving on several editorial boards for The Journal of Higher Education, The Journal of College Student Development, Change, and The ERIC Review. She also serves(d) on numerous national boards including for the American Association for Higher Education, Association of American Colleges and Universities' Peer Review and Knowledge Network; National TRIO Clearinghouse; and the American Council on Education's CIRP Research Cooperative.

George Mehaffy
Vice President
American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU)

George Mehaffy serves as a vice president at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), representing 420 public colleges and universities and their 3.8 million students. His division is responsible for developing and managing programs for member institutions in leadership development, undergraduate education, technology, international education, student success, and teacher education. He directs a variety of projects, including international programs with a Chinese higher education association, a technology transformation project with EDUCAUSE and the University of Central Florida, a college readiness project with SHEEO and CCSSO, a Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP) project involving three university systems, and a variety of other initiatives. In 2003, he launched the American Democracy Project, a civic engagement initiative involving 228 colleges and universities. In 2010 he created the Red Balloon Project to re-imagine undergraduate education. Before coming to AASCU, Mehaffy worked at universities in New Mexico and California.

Eileen Hulme
Doctoral Professor
Azusa Pacific University (APU)

Eileen Hulme serves as a professor in the doctoral program in higher education at Azusa Pacific University (APU). She possesses 30 years of experience in higher education administration. Prior to joining APU in 2005, Hulme served as vice president for student life at both Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon. Additionally, she has taught at both the master's and doctoral levels for the past 10 years and co-directed the M.S. in Student Services Administration Program at Baylor University. As a 2001 Fulbright Scholar in Germany, Hulme became passionate about preparing the next generation of strengths-based global leaders. She consults with organizations and universities across the world. Her research interests include the development of curiosity in college students, innovation in the academy, and a strengths-based approach to leadership.