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Office of Sustainability

Sustainable Carolina Leadership Program

Sustainable Carolina Leadership Program

“As always, Patricia and I are committed to a green campus and look forward to hearing from students about their passion for sustainability and how their participation is shaping our classrooms, our campus, and the surrounding communities.”

-President Harris Pastides, University of South Carolina Sustainability Report, 2015

Appointments take 20-30 minutes and serve as an opportunity for you to learn more about your options, as well as develop a plan to get involved.

Catalyst Coaching

As a member of the SCLP, you will participate in one-on-one coaching sessions with a staff member in the office. Each student receives four coaching sessions per semester to discuss:

  • Progress toward Graduation with Leadership Distinction;
  • Current project work;
  • Future career and educational goals;
  • Networking and marketing your experience;
  • Leadership skill development/improvement;
  • Connecting academics to experiences; and
  • Program satisfaction.
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