University of South Carolina
The Promise of Hydrogen
Future Fuels at Innovista

With Innovista, the University of South Carolina has reinvented the notion of how and where researchers will live and work-in the process creating a destination for innovation, creativity, entertainment, culture, and more.

The high-density, urban research and innovation district also includes a mix of downtown residences, restaurants, retail, and recreational space.

As with hydrogen research, Innovista is a public-private partnership joining the University; local, state, and federal government; and the research, business, and economic development community.

Top University researchers such as Brian Benicewicz, Kenneth Reifsnider and John Van Zee will be housed in the Horizon Center I building in Innovista. The five-story, 125,000-square-foot facility will include dry and wet lab space.

It will also house the National Science Foundation industry/University Cooperative for Fuel Cell Research.

Horizon II, a companion building now under development, will house private researchers who will collaborate with University partners.

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