Tannum = Tammum = Lamnum

Ancient name: Tannum = Tammum = Lamnum
Modern name: Talmont (Charente-Maritime)
Site Type: mutatio
Site Period(s): Roman, Late Antique
Roman Province: Aquitania II
French Department: Charente-Maritime
Approximate Latitude= 45-46 degrees N. Latitude
Approximate Longitude= 0-1 degrees W. Longitude

Itinerary Information and Distances:
Antonine Itinerary: mp XVI a Blauto mp XII ad Novioregum (Tannum)
Peutinger Table: mp XIII a Mediolano mp XXII ad Blaviam
General References: Itin.ant.; Peut., CAG 33/1 56; Villes 295; PECS 144; Miller 106; Desjardins 264
Specific Ancient References: Itin.ant.459.1;Peut.1.a.1

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