Feed the Dream: The Palmetto Poets' Place

The South Carolina Poetry Initiative seeks to work with Museums and Galleries for the purpose of creating innovative avenues to explore the writing and performing of poetry in ways that are derived from inspiration from individual or whole collections of art. Working through collaborative projects, the Poetry Initiative creates projects that showcase the wealth of art that exists in the state's museums and art galleries. Projects feature the talent of published poets and emerging poets in ways that explore the power of poetry for giving voice to stellar pieces of art or profound artifacts that represent the state's and its citizens' talent and history. Projects present the art of writing and performing poetry in ways that increase audience attendance and encourages appreciation for the preserving of historical artifacts and all aspects of the visual arts.


  • Avery Center
  • Columbia Museum of Art
  • Fort Moultrie
  • McKissick
  • South Carolina State Museum


  • 80808 Gallery
  • If Gallery
  • Sumter County Gallery of Art
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