Feed the Dream: The Palmetto Poets' Place

If you represent a library, a museum, an arts organization, a school, a college, a community service organization, a business, a book store, or any entity that is interested in partnering with the SC Poetry Initiative on any poetry related project, write to us outlining your interest and detailing some of the ideas that you have.

If you are an individual with an interest in promoting poetry or if you are a poet who would like to become a part of the work of the Initiative, contact the SC Poetry Initiative.

If you have any suggestions about groups, populations, or communities that you think would benefit from the work of the Poetry Initiative, please contact us.

Founder/Executive Director
Dr. Kwame Dawes
e-mail: dawesk@mailbox.sc.edu

Associate Director
Charlene Spearen
Telephone: (803) 777-5492


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