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The Poetry Initiative offers resources for SC poets to develop their craft and to find support for the work that they do. The Initiative organizes and promotes creative collaborations between poets and other artists within the region through poetry workshops and retreats.

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Poetry Workshops

The Poetry Initiative hosts occasional public workshops for poets. These workshops are led by guest poets who are here for the Minority Writers Series or any other readings that take place at the University. While some of these events are held on the campus, a number of them take place at off-campus venues. The Initiative also organizes specialist workshops to meet the needs of the poetry community in the state. These would include sessions on performance and poetry, publishing, translation, poetry and music, among others.

Poetry Retreats

The Poetry Initiative organizes retreats in order to give poets an extended period of time for writing, critique, and intense workshopping of their poems. During the year, the Poetry Initiative organizes themed writing retreats that are open to the public. These events take place within the state and are led by established published poets. The Initiative also partners with arts groups and organizations to create specialist writing retreats for their membership. For more information about Poetry Retreats, or if your organization is interested in partnering with the Initiative on a poetry retreat, please contact us (see below).


The Initiative can supply published writers and trained poets who are experienced in conducting writing workshops, assistance in promoting the workshops, assistance in designing the workshops to meet the needs of a particular organization, and assistance in locating a suitable venue for these workshops.

Organizations interested in collaborating with the Poetry Initiative to set up workshops or retreats in their institutions should contact the Poetry Initiative.

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