Feed the Dream: The Palmetto Poets' Place

For three years, Split P Soup has taken a passion for poetry, and for the discovery of learning through poetry, to schools around the state. Split P Soup's experienced staff has based its work on serious scholarship into the pedagogy of teaching writing and lived experience as practicing poets. Teachers, students and administrators alike have come to rely on the professionalism and innovation of the Split P Soup team, whose capacity to work with school age youths in schools, in libraries, in community centers, in museums, at camps, at conferences and in some of the most unlikely places has been one of its greatest assets.

As a central part of the work of the Poetry Initiative, Split P Soup brings an appreciation for poetry and an understanding of the educational value of writing to the future art makers and art lovers in of South Carolina.

Split P Soup is led by a team of faculty and graduate students at the University of South Carolina. It combines hands on work in schools and other sites with a sophisticated and well-developed training system for its staff that is both academically sound and practical. The senior staff has many years of experience in working with young people.

Split P Soup partners with schools, community organizations, libraries, museums, arts organizations and many other entities to bring poetry to young people.

Split P Soup represents that distinct university initiative that manages to prove that the seemingly rarefied concerns of academic scholarship can have important impact on the life of the larger community.

Split P Soup understands that a multifaceted approach that involves training teachers, partnering with administrators, and working with already existing organizations committed to writing initiatives in school is essential for success in what it does.

For more information about how to bring Split P Soup to young people in your school or community, visit the following sites:

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