Making the Grade:
Environmental Compliance at Colleges & Universities
January 21 - 22, 2004
Registration Form

To register, please print and mail this form, along with your check payable to the University of South Carolina at the below address. 
Gayle Crutchlow
Sustainable Universities Initiative
University of South Carolina
702G, Byrnes Building
Columbia, SC  29208
Phone:  (803) 777-9911
Fax:   (803) 777-5715

(Note:  if you are waiting for a purchase order or other institutional form of payment, 
please fax in your registration now with a note that payment will follow. 
USCs PO number is:  57-6991153)

If you will be attending both days of the conference, the registration fee is $35.00.    If you are attending only one day of the conference, the registration fee is $20.00.   Please indicate below which day(s) you will be attending:

Both Day 1 & Day 2  _______
Only Day 1 (January 21, 2004) _______
Only Day 2 (January 22, 2004) _______

NOTE:  For Registration after 1/15/04 there is a $15.00 additional cost.


Name as you would like it to appear on name tag: ______________________________________

Title:______________________________  Institution: ______________________________________


City/State ____________________________________  Zip______________________________

Daytime Phone:______________________________ Fax:__________________________________