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ARAMARK has made a strong commitment to being a responsible member of the Clemson community.  One way we demonstrate our commitment is by recycling and minimizing waste generated in our facilities.  The following is an overview of some of our current efforts on campus.

I.  Recycling:

A.  Cardboard - Last year approximately 191 tons of cardboard was recycled.
B.  Cooking oil - Last year approximately 4,187 gallons of cooking oil was recycled.
C.  Iced tea and milk containers are recycled.
D.  A refillable soft drink discount program is in place at all retail food locations.
E.  ARAMARK has also partnered with the Student Alumni Association by sponsoring a discounted refillable mug program, which is in place at all Java City coffee locations.
II.  Reduction of Waste and Energy Consumption:
A.  Providing napkin dispensers on tables at many dining locations, rather than at tray and silverware pickup locations has reduced paper napkin consumption by approximately 15%.
B. The Fresh Food Company concept at Schilletter Dining Hall has reduced packaging and food waste by an estimated 20%.  The new equipment and cooking methods will also reduce energy consumption.
C. The Pan Geos concepts at Harcombe and the Clemson House utilize induction cooking to reduce food waste and energy consumption.
D. Replacement of outdated deck ovens at Harcombe with energy efficient convection ovens has reduced energy consumption for baking.
E. Replacement of outdated dishwashers at the Clemson House and Schilletter have reduced energy and water consumption.
III.  Environmental Purchasing:
A.  ARAMARK purchases recycled paper napkins for use in retail and board locations.
B.  ARAMARK requests fiberglass-recycled pallets, rather than wood, for deliveries from our primary food vendor, Sysco Foods.
C.  Beginning in August 2001, ARAMARK began purchasing fountain juices in "bag in the box" containers for all dining locations.  This standardizes all fountain dispensing and reduces the amount of packaging from the previous despensing method.
D.  ARAMARK actively researches and continually increases the number of products purchased which have the minimum amount of shipment and container packaging to reduce waste.
E.  ARAMARK attempts to balance the use of paper, plastic, glass and foam serviceware products while keeping customer satisfaction, new production technology, quality, cost, and the environment in mind.
IV.  Community Involvement and Awareness:
A.  ARAMARK actively promotes and supports campus awareness of Earth Day - April 22.
B.  ARAMARK is involved as a member of the campus environmental committee chaired by Dr. Alan Elzerman.
C.  ARAMARK works with student groups and local charities and periodically provides left over food to the less fortunate in our community, rather than disposing of it in landfills.
D.  ARAMARK is frequently involved with fraternities, sororities and other student organizations to support community and campus service projects.

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