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Case Study: The Master Planning and Design of an Urban Teaching Medical Center for MUSC in downtown Charleston, SC

Workshop 1: Building in the City

  • The medical center as a safe, walk-able, mixed-use and therapeutic Urban Fabric
  • Thick buildings vs. perforated and articulated building footprints
  • Daylighting and shading 
  • Streetscape and Streets as therapeutic landscapes
  • Access, Wayfinding and legibility
  • Transportation systems
  • Parking in the park or in-between 
Workshop 2: Public Outdoor Realms 
  • Streets and sidewalks
  • Entry points and connectors
  • Courtyards
  • Rooftop terraces
  • Parking areas
  • Gardens enabling, therapeutic, garden genre
  • People oriented environments
Workshop 3: Indoor environments: Public Interior Realms
  • Building fabric - building as city
  • Wayfinding
  • Atria, lobbies and other nodes
  • Hierarchy of Pathways and Corridors
  • Waiting areas 
  • Green Building, healthy building systems, indoor air quality
  • Views and connections to nature
Workshop 4: Indoor Environments: Patient Care and Treatment Spaces
  • Patient rooms
  • Treatment and care spaces
  • Family support spaces
  • Patient-centered care spaces
  • Views and connections to nature
  • Green Building, healthy building systems, indoor air quality

Prepared by:  Kim Buchanan
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