Americans receive almost 2 million tons of junk mail every year meaning 2 million tons of paper is wasted.   You can put an end to junk mail waste by either following the below instructions or by accessing the Center for Democracy & Technology website:
Write two short identical notes asking for your name to be deleted from computer mailing lists.  Include a list of all variations (and misspellings) of your name as they appear on the junk mail you receive.  Mail them to:
Mail Preference
P O Box 9008
Farmingdale, NY  11735-9099
Equifax Options
P O Box 740123
Atlanta, GA  30374-0123

This will take you off mailing lists for 5 years.


Call one of three "opt out" numbers to remove your name from lists used by credit card companies and some direct marketers;  Equifax 1 (800) 556-4711, Experian (formerly TRW) 1 (800) 353-0809, or Trans Union 1(800) 680-7293.

Calling one of these companies removes your name for two years.  At your request you can be removed permanently by requesting and returning a form from one of these organizations.

This information provided by the Solid Waste Comittee of the Genesee Livingston Orleans Wyoming Region.

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