The success stories and resources shared in this section demonstrate how South Carolina companies have incorporated sustainability into their mission, management procedures, processes or products in order to limit their effect on the environment.  Doing so often generates a competitive advantage in the business world.


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Bank of America- Headquartered in Charlotte NC, Bank of America adopted the Equator Principles, a set of standards that link financing with socially responsible development in emerging markets.  Under these criteria, a customer must recognize their social responsibility and pursue certain environmental management policies concerning their project to receive a loan.  The IFC established this program and encourages banks around the world to participate.

Disclaimer: The information on the businesses, products, and organizations presented herein is provided for informational
purposes only. The technical descriptions and details expressed do not constitute an endorsement by the South Carolina Sustainability Network. We have highlighted various examples in which sustainable practices can be noted.  There
are no guarantees, either expressed or implied, regarding the completeness of this information.

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