Government agencies play a critical role in helping support sustainability. From the creation of the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive to the South Carolina Resource Conservation Challenge, government agencies of all sizes are looking for ways to reduce  their environmental impacts and encourage sustainable practices within the community all the while remaining faithful stewards of taxpayer dollars.

This section provides links to government resources that can assist those interested in incorporating sustainability into their operations as well as examples of sustainable success stories from South Carolina government agencies.

  • S.C. Department of Transportation (SCDOT) - The S.C. Department of Transportation recycled nearly 1,116 tons of material in fiscal year 2003. This includes more than 300 tons of aluminum, 50 tons of corrugated cardboard and 3 tons of computers. Other recyclables include office paper and used oil filters.MORE...

Click here for more Government success stories.

    US Postal Service -  – Greater SC Cluster has served as a role model for what a government agency can do when it embraces the tenants of sustainability. From recycling tons of materials to using alternative fuel vehicles, this is a great case study of how the Post Office has made a difference for taxpayers and the environment. 
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Disclaimer: The information on the businesses, products, and organizations presented herein is provided for informational
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