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The Millennium Green Initiative, a national project of the White House Millennium Council, sets out to "to encourage, promote, and recognize the creation of healthier, more livable community environments for The new Millennium."  For more information visit

South Carolina's Arbor Day (the first Friday of December) is an excellent opportunity to support Millennium Green's mission by focusing on how trees, forests, and green open spaces equate to "healthier, livable communities."   Trees play a  major role in our way of life.  The environmental, social, economic, and community benefits of trees in our cities are enormous, but not everyone is aware of those benefits, which are often taken for granted.  It is not just our ordinary citizens who are unaware.  Civic leaders, school teachers, community groups, and other professionals sometimes fail to realize that trees and public green spaces play a major role in providing wildlife habitat and dealing with sprawl and sensible growth.

In order to focus attention on the place of trees in discussions of sprawl, sensible growth, and conservation, we held a round table discussion -- both virtual and actual -- from 2:00pm until 3:30pm on SC Arbor Day, Friday, December 1.  This syposium was the first Millennium Green activity in South Carolina.

A panel of experts on various aspects of forestry conservation and land use met at the SCETV Teleconferencing Center, where members of the public were invited to join them in the Coker Studio.  The round table discussion among panelists and audience members was webcast live, and those who wished to ask questions or offer comments did so via email.

The sponsors of the South Carolina Millennium Green were: 

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