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Faculty and Staff Resources

View Social Work senior Chelsea Allen's portfolio
to see how she integrated learning across courses, alternative spring break, field work, research, and public policy leadership.

USC Connect's two specific goals are for all students to:

  1. participate in purposeful beyond the classroom experiences AND
  2. deepen and apply their learning by making connections between within- and beyond-the-classroom experiences.

USC Connect builds on USC’s strengths, moving us beyond offering great opportunities for students to connecting experiences in meaningful ways.


Resources to create meaningful integrative learning experiences:

  • Beyond-the-classroom experiences: Definitions, examples, and more on USC’s five pathways. Contact info for offices that support organizing or linking to beyond-the-classroom experiences.
  • Integrative learning: Three steps to helping students integrate learning. Sample syllabi, in-class activities, user-friendly guide to help students reflect, and more.
  • Assessing student learning: Planning and assessment guide, USC Connect learning outcomes and sample rubrics, link to assessment resources.
  • Faculty grants: Annual integrative learning grant opportunity. Proposals due Spring 2014.
  • History and development of USC Connect: USC Connect as USC’s Quality Enhancement Plan, Administration of USC Connect, USC Connect Council, Office of the Provost.
  • Related Articles: USC and national documents and articles relevant to USC Connect and integrative learning.

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USC Connect
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Irma Van Scoy, Executive Director
Damara Hightower-Davis, Assistant Director
Natalie Smith-Kenner, Administrative Coordinator
Nicholas (Nick) Vaught, Student Services Coordinator

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