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Check out Cocky's E-Portfolio
You can use an e-portfolio to:
  • Keep a record of your experiences
  • Save photos, course projects, papers, records of your participation
  • Link to video clips of your experiences, presentations, performances
  • Create connections between all you are learning in and outside the classroom!
  • Share your experiences, skills, and goals with others (including potential employers)

If you are creating an e-portfolio as a requirement for Graduation with Leadership Distinction, contact USC Connect.

Build your own e-portfolio!

Step One:

  1. LOGIN to Blackboard in your usual way
  2. CLICK Content Collection Tab across top
  3. CLICK Portfolios on the left side of screen (this expands the menu below)
  4. CLICK My Portfolios

Step Two:

  1. CLICK Garnet button at the top Create Personal Portfolio
  2. SELECT a template for your area (e.g., USC Connect Graduation with Leadership Distinction)
  3. CLICK Save and Continue

Step Three
Click on documents and links below for details and help.


Video Instructions
  • 01 Overview and Sample Portfolio
    Start with this general overview of portfolios and what you can display.
  • 02 Create Portfolio
    Create your portfolio from a template (for a quicker start) or make it totally unique. You will choose settings including layout, fonts, colors, and more that you only have to select once but can edit/update when needed.
  • 03 Add Artifacts
    Create/gather, add, and organize your pictures, links, documents, and other “artifacts” in your portfolio.
  • 04 Add Header and Footer
    Add a personal header and footer to your portfolio.
  • 05 Share Your Portfolio
    Set up your portfolio to share with a class, organization, individual (inside or outside of the USC system) or make it public on the web.
  • 06 Download Your Portfolio
    Create a zip file of your portfolio for backup or to move it to another location.

FAQs - Tips and Troubleshooting
  • How to add a picture
  • How to add a video
  • How to add a link
  • Changing an Artifact in Your ePortfolio
  • Setting the Size of Images in Artifacts
  • Modifying the Order of Items on a Page

E-Portfolio Questions?

For Information on Help Sessions and Direct Support, email or call 777-1800.

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