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Candra Chaisson

Class of 2013 member CANDRA CHAISSON knew something about her interests early on, but a health promotion, education and behavior course during the spring of her sophomore year really piqued her interest. "I started to learn more about health disparities and issues within public health that really intrigued me," she explains, "and that inspired me to learn more about them."

Myriad on-campus jobs and activities have helped her explore her interests and learn to work with others. Candra has been very involved in TRIO Programs like the Magellan Guarantee, which allowed her to pursue comparative culture research, and the Ronald E. McNair Research Scholars Program, through which she explored epigenetics and health disparities.

She also found a faculty mentor in Dr. Claudia Benitez-Nelson, who provided a strong female role model and encouraged her to pursue her dreams. Candra spent a Maymester in Taiwan as well, learning about a very different culture by immersing herself in it while also conducting some of her research. The broad range of activities in which she has participated has prepared Candra for graduate school and a future in health policy and advocacy.