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Eric Sneider

After playing around with special effects software for the last several years, ERIC SNEIDER, Class of 2013, is taking steps to make a career of it. He says his time at USC Sumter has been a great starting point.

Eric is working toward a media arts degree that he will finish at USC Columbia, and his art classes have provided a solid foundation for him to build upon. He credits Lynwood Watts, associate dean for student affairs, for being an inspiration to him. As a mentor, Watts is always available to help and always open to new ideas.

Student government has taught Eric how to work within a system. It's also taught him the importance of teamwork. These experiences will carry over to a career, he says, as he's gained "a real appreciation for those who want to be involved, and I have to work through them because I can't do everything on my own."

Eric Sneider3