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While majoring in theatre and international studies, GABRIELLE PETERSON has used her time at Carolina to fully prepare herself for life after college, even getting some professional work experience along the way.

A member of the Class of 2011, Gabrielle won a Magellan Scholarship to travel to Scotland and research Scottish folklore, archaeology, and oral traditions. She calls that experience one of the best things she's ever done: to go through the application process, live and study abroad, and eventually write a play based on what she learned greatly improved her college experience.

After returning to Columbia, her finished play, Mirrored Time, was picked up by a professional company, the South Carolina Shakespeare Company. She directed the play as well and credits Prof. Robert Richmond with mentoring her through the entire process. Gabrielle thinks every student should research a topic they love. "It's going to help you in life, but it's also going to make you a fuller person."

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